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Nowadays in online marketing, SEO is a very important factor when it comes to getting your website ranked in SERPs. If you have everything on your websites like great content, fabulous theme, and a classy theme but you are still unable to get a visible place in top SERPs, then it is sure that you are doing some mistakes in SEO that you must avoid.

Following are some of the common SEO mistakes to avoid in 2017 in order to secure high ranks for your blog.

Focusing on too many keywords

Focusing on too many keywords will distract your plan and strategy. Be specific just focus on one keyword and test it thoroughly. Choose the specific keywords which matter to your niche and also use some other on-page SEO techniques to make the content engaging for visitors.

Keyword stuffing among  SEO mistakes to avoid

Keyword stuffing is one of the common SEO mistakes to avoid when writing content for your website or blog. Use the targeted keyword always on every paragraph in your blog but don’t try to add too many keywords in an article where doesn’t fit.

Improper usage of hashtags

Make sure your targeted keywords are highlighted well in your page and should be categorized as h1 and h2. Google will know the importance and the theme of the page by looking at H1 and H2.

Not having a unique meta description for each page

You should describe your each page uniquely. Else it will consider as duplication on all other pages having unique and different description allows Google to know what that page is for and what should be retrieved from that particular page.

Including poor and unnecessary links

For effective results always use good and necessary links with high authority pages but if you link to a poor page that has low domain authority, it will effect on your SEO.

Not publishing blogs on a regular basis

As we know that content is very important and it is the king. So you need to update your website on daily basis with fresh content if you want to remain in the game of SEO. if you write high-quality content then it is enough for you to gain the attention of the people. Good content acts as a valuable tool for SEO to attract more audience to itself.

Not understanding the importance of guest posting

Many people neglect guest posting when it comes to SEO. if your post gets published on a well-known and high authority domain with a backlink of your domain, it means a lot for you. It will not only help in SEO but also in branding and a good amount of traffic.

Writing without understanding customer’s problems

Writing like a robot without understanding customers’ problem is one of the biggest lacking in SEO. if you update the content regularly it should mean that you should add proper content with a proper research and analysis, you should not write what just comes in your mind. Be specific about a customer problem and research according to that and the update the content.

Only use authentic SEO tools

Always use already available tools. There are many tools available which can check your SEO easily. They can also show you the problem what you have, what to fix and how to fix it. Use Google keyword planner and see the search trends and the search volume for your keywords and plan accordingly.

Poor link building strategies

Use proper and trusted websites for building link. Link building helps you to maintain the high ranking for your website in top SERPs and use some result driven off-page SEO techniques to get desired outcomes. You might see many automatic link building software ads which are totally waste of time they can’t benefit you in any matter. Always find the trusted sites social bookmarking and directory submission sites and share your link.

Also, keep one thing in mind most people just throw links on the website don’t just throw links on websites it will harm your site and will also increase your spamming score. Throw the link where ever it is necessary for you.

The tips mentioned above will surely help you to avoid SEO mistakes in 2017 to get massive organic traffic.

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