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As we all know that slow internet frustrate us a lot because if sometimes we are watching videos and it continuously buffers because of the slow internet it really burst up us. You can not properly concentrate your work while disturbance of internet speed.

Below given are the 7 ways to speed up your slow internet connection.

1)    Fix Your Wi-Fi Signal:

If you are using Wi-Fi, then you might find that router and the internet are fine but your wireless signals are weak causing your internet to slow in that case you need to reposition your WiFi and boost your router with a few tricks.

2)    Troubleshoot Your Hardware:

In troubleshooting, the first and basic step is to reset your modem and router. Now check some other computers to see if their internet is slow too if the problem only happens on one computer, the problem is that machine, not your router or modem. Run through different troubleshooting steps to see if it’s a hardware problem.

3)     Try A New DNS Server:

Sometimes it happens that the servers your computers use to look up a specific information can have issues or go down entirely. If your default DNS server having a problem then you can use the alternative server to speed up your browsing.

4)     Optimize Your Web For A Slow Connection:

If you have slow internet problem and you have already trouble shoot it the troubleshooting slow internet can take a while, and in that time you need to browse something or maybe you are at some place where you need to find something very urgently but there’s nothing you can do about your slow speeds. Now it is the time to optimize your web for a slower connection uses mobile or HTML versions of your favorite sites, disable images and use features such as Opera Turbo. It really makes a difference in your speed.

5)     Call Your ISP:

If you have gone through all trouble shooting steps and your internet is still too slow then its time to call your Internet Service Provider to see the actual problem. don’t assume by yourself that it has this problem or that problem let the internet service provider diagnose it and tell allow him to tell you the actual problem. And try to deal with your Internet service provider with respect

6)    Find A New Provider:

If your Internet Service Provider can’t help you in providing back the speed to its normal position or can’t resolve the slow internet speed issue and you are sick of their horrible customer service then it’s time for you to look for someone else.

You can find any Internet Service Provider located in your area who is providing great internet packages with fast internet speed.

7)     Use Your Time Productively:

Split your task efficiently and smartly. As much as your work isn’t too bandwidth-concentrated, the slow internet will not actually make you more productive. If you want to do bigger tasks split them in a way that you can cover them in slow internet speed as well and ignore your smaller task for a while.

So these are some of the productive ways to speed up your slow internet connection.

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