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Today Technology has become more powerful than it was years ago. The importance of technology is to speak themselves like most of the people situation is like they cannot exist without technology. We can assume it like many of our work colleagues or teenage child who realize they need to spend some time without mobile phones when they feel they are on the limit of the nervous breakdown.

The current generation that is yet to be born living in the modern world where the technologies have become their life easier like the communication with people around the world is much easier now than before.

Technology in today’s world is needful to live in a modern environment like the Internet, cell phones and computers these are our daily use technologies.There is no doubt these the invention of these advancements is mind-blowing, but there is another face is how they have changed the society’s behavior also worthless.

Social networks are one of the main affected networks on human behavior, how you feel without Facebook creeping, relationships and love at first swipe?

Social networking sites have both positive and negative uses as well. When you find your long-lost friend on social media feels amazing but on the other side when you gathered with family and friend but the mobile use keeps you are absent from family while using cell phones.

Technology is Affecting Human Behavior

On the other site: technology has some great benefits like you got an idea and you want to share it others or want to promote it will public whether is political, creative or on entertainment, the Internet is an easy way to do this in some simple steps. This doesn’t require to be a politician or a movie star the World Wide Web is a great way which is accessible to everyone now.

We just not limited to share our ideas on the Internet it is also a platform where people can engage with those ideas and help you to expand them. Additionally, on the websites we can share our ideas and videos on YouTube.

Keep in touch: with family and friends is one of the main edge of modern technology we can contact our beloved ones with FaceTime, Instagram, Facebook, Email, Skype and many other social platforms. Many of us are constantly using these platforms and highly aware from that technologies.

The distance is now doesn’t matter how long it is, people no longer need to rely on snail mail to send their letters. They can even make a video call to see each other on chat apps. This is true it will never be the same as face to face interactions but it now it makes everything easy to communicates with each other than past old methods.

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