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Technology? Yes, we are living in the digital world. It has been the fantastic job that is done by Technology by doing daily tasks easily and making them more efficient. In the modern world, we can do almost everything easily, efficiently and instantly no matter what kind of things that are the text messages, phone calls, e-courses and email no matter what service is it we can do it now with a great way.

Technology is getting improve every day and companies are finding ways to use these improvements in their business like in the education sector the administrators are trying to use it in elementary schools, high schools and universities. Technology has not only made things easier that we do daily bases it is also a good effect on education. Now we can see our classrooms has improved with the replacement of old wall black boards to projectors which has completely transformed the way of learning.

These improvements are not changing the field for students only they are doing better the role of educators, providing the new ways of teaching to the instructors and remodeling the classrooms. So now the people are not bound to the traditional education only they can learn on the international level just because of the modern information technology.

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Online Learning Classrooms

Today’s kids are living in the modern world, the education that is given to the kids are not based on old classroom models. The educators now need to re-determine the way of learning in order to succeed in the labor force where their co-employees can be robots.

Teachers are now using several learning management system (LMS) to manage the online classes with efficient way. Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Edmodo are some of the platforms that are using for learning purposes. With the technology improvement in the education sector now the students are not in a dearth of information. They can search google on any topic at any time. The role of the instructors are now to guide the students how to find right solutions on the internet.

Artificial intelligence

In the school and colleges, testing for large lecture courses and grading the homework one by one with manual calculation is really time taking a step. While AI not it is possible for the teachers now to automate grading the students by their marks. Sometimes teachers are not being aware of lectures and those educational materials that can be left for students in some case when those lectures making confusion. With the help of Artificial Intelligence now system recognize that when students submit the wrong answers of their assignments and homework then system alerts the teacher and give them a future instruction for better providing information that offers hinds to the correct answer.

As before students are bound to their teachers and parents, have short availability time. Due to that problem, students learn things in a short time period. While with the help of AI now students are always aware of everything that they want to learn they do not rely on someone for help they can search on google for their multiple choices answers or any homework.

Tablets, Mobile Devices and Apps

Everyone has smartphones in their pockets these smart devices very effective in the way of teaching and learning. With these devices, teachers can always be in touch with their students. With these smart devices, the student can find their answers at any time by making an online search. iPad is moving the way to teach and learn in a great way which can be a very powerful creative tool. For the graphical students, iPads are very helpful for students by making 3D sketches and by doing good practice.

Students are not getting bored with that way of learning, it is rushed with many features that provide interesting potentials in learning as well as teaching. The future of the technology and education will bright because the way of learning has been improved. There are hundreds of learning applications are available in the application stores according to the topics that student can choose and learn from them without any instructor. 

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