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In the current world, social networks are the highest platforms where people keep in touch with their friends and family. Every teenager keeps an active on the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram all the time. As of last year, 250 million people used the feature on Instagram every day. As of last year, according to the search, there are 250 million people keep active on Instagram daily bases that are a huge number of users.

As Last year, Facebook has announced stories feature on Instagram that interacts many of users to use this like a Snapchat feature. There is no feature to storing or download these stories on local storage which is a good feature in some condition and bad feature you can’t store some’s picture or video. So, people often use ScreenShot feature to capture the stories. Even the publisher has no idea who is doing something authorized activity with your story.

Stories from Instagram are automatically disappeared from a user’s feed after 1 day (24 hours), but taking a screenshot is not to be stopped by anyone or limited.

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Instagram Will Warn You Before Taking Screenshots of Story

Here is now Instagram is recently announced a future upcoming feature that is currently testing a feature that identifies those users who will of Instagram stories. There is another feature that Instagram has already user knows when someone takes the screenshot of a photo or video a message will automatically send to you by Instagram as a direct message. Now, this great new feature will affect Instagram stories. This feature is indicating a Goodbye to freedom of screenshot from IG stories.Instagram Warn You When Someone Screenshots Your Story

As this is the good feature in the sense of privacy-conscious, the users will keep attention every time when thy doing something pirate. This feature is more in line with Snapchat after introducing this. According to the report, Instagram will warn every user after releasing this feature to the public when they try to take a screenshot or a screen recording.

This new feature is already having in Snapchat this is not a single feature that Instagram is borrowing from Snapchat, the stories features are also driven from Snapchat. After having this feature when a user will take a screenshot or screen recording then a pop-up notification will automatically send to the user to notify them who have taken a screenshot of them stories.

However, according to rumors the notification of screenshot or screen recording will not be pop up to the user when you turn your mobile into airplane mode.

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