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On Page SEO Techniques To Get High Rank



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There are two categories of people one who just start blogging and the others who already running their own blogs or websites. But something is common between these two kinds of people is that they don’t know what is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is used to rank a blog higher and bring more traffic. The higher pages get rank on famous search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. On-page is a technique which is used by the website owner directly by adding Post’s Title Tags, Meta Tags and Unique Content description on his own site.

Best On-Page SEO Techniques for Better Ranking

On-page SEO is a technique in which you can control all the elements of your website as best. If you have your own website then you would be able to control the technical issues and nature of your content. You can make changes as much as possible to make it unique. If you create a unique website with helpful content then it will automatically get ranking.

Title Tags 

The title tag is most important part in on page SEO. Make a unique title tag according to your post nature, always try your own words for the purpose of getting rank. Your every page and post should have their own unique title tags. For example, if you finished your making of mango shape and want to share it your users, then your title should be unique like “Fresh Mango Milkshake Recipe” or “Ways to Make a Delicious Mango Milkshake”

Google looks at the title tag and associates that to the rest of the content on the page.

If you are working throughHTML then your title tag should be like this way:

<title>Fresh Mango Milkshake Recipe</title>

No matter if you are not using HTML there are much other Content management system i.e. WordPress you can use a plugin SEO by Yoast for title tags.

Meta Tags

 Perhaps meta tags always help for higher rank. When a search something on Google or other search engines, then Google database start finding meta tags which are added in the post. You meta tags should be relevant to your post title and according to the post content.

As an example, your meta tag should be like “Delicious Mango Milkshake” or “Mango Milkshake Recipe.”

If you are using WordPress then a plugin “SEO by Yoast” and “All in one SEO Pack” will create automatically meta tags, title tags, and meta description, which you can make modification as you feel more relevant to the post.

Meta Description

Most of the newbies or those who are already running their own site but worried about that they are not getting traffic on it after a hard struggle. The reason of being not ranked is that they forget to add meta description in the post. Meta description has a vital role in SEO. You cannot neglect the importance of meta description. Write a good meta description for the article automatically ranks you.

Image SEO

An image can speak more than a hundred words. Adding an image into content is a great way to make your site more attractive. Your image should have the title related to your post, it will also help you to rank your site when someone searches an image related to your post.

You can also add Alt Text and Descriptions for your images to make the post more useful with SEO.

URL Structure 

Creating URL for the post is very beneficial for the Web. Your every post or pages should have a unique URL, shorter URL is likely gives more performance than the longer URL. URL includes Post title, meta description. On WordPress content management system, you can use plugin SEO by Yoast and All in one SEO Pack, it will automatically generate a better URL that you can modify as you want it to appear on the web.

For example, it looks better to make a URL like “” instead of being automatically generated URL like ““.


Thus, if you are a newbie and running blog or website and want to improve your rank then here are all the helpful On-page SEO tips which you can get more traffic by following them.

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Instagram Will Now Tell You When Someone Screenshots Your Story




Instagram Will Now Tell You When Someone Screenshots Your Story

In the current world, social networks are the highest platforms where people keep in touch with their friends and family. Every teenager keeps an active on the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram all the time. As of last year, 250 million people used the feature on Instagram every day. As of last year, according to the search, there are 250 million people keep active on Instagram daily bases that are a huge number of users.

As Last year, Facebook has announced stories feature on Instagram that interacts many of users to use this like a Snapchat feature. There is no feature to storing or download these stories on local storage which is a good feature in some condition and bad feature you can’t store some’s picture or video. So, people often use ScreenShot feature to capture the stories. Even the publisher has no idea who is doing something authorized activity with your story.

Stories from Instagram are automatically disappeared from a user’s feed after 1 day (24 hours), but taking a screenshot is not to be stopped by anyone or limited.

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Instagram Will Warn You Before Taking Screenshots of Story

Here is now Instagram is recently announced a future upcoming feature that is currently testing a feature that identifies those users who will of Instagram stories. There is another feature that Instagram has already user knows when someone takes the screenshot of a photo or video a message will automatically send to you by Instagram as a direct message. Now, this great new feature will affect Instagram stories. This feature is indicating a Goodbye to freedom of screenshot from IG stories.Instagram Warn You When Someone Screenshots Your Story

As this is the good feature in the sense of privacy-conscious, the users will keep attention every time when thy doing something pirate. This feature is more in line with Snapchat after introducing this. According to the report, Instagram will warn every user after releasing this feature to the public when they try to take a screenshot or a screen recording.

This new feature is already having in Snapchat this is not a single feature that Instagram is borrowing from Snapchat, the stories features are also driven from Snapchat. After having this feature when a user will take a screenshot or screen recording then a pop-up notification will automatically send to the user to notify them who have taken a screenshot of them stories.

However, according to rumors the notification of screenshot or screen recording will not be pop up to the user when you turn your mobile into airplane mode.

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45 Million People Send Birthday Wishes on Facebook each Day




45 million people send birthday wishes on Facebook each day

It’s not very long when we saw this popular social media platform Facebook for the first time. Everyone knows the story that it was designed by 2 friends as the application that tells who is single and who is in a relationship. The idea was simple and it worked for them but they didn’t think of how much potential was there in this application. That simple application is now one of the 6th top-earning applications in the world. These days, it’s very convenient to find your old friends, classmates and coworkers on Facebook. Once you have found the person you were looking for, you can send them a friend’s request and then start communicating with them. It’s an amazing reality that even if a person has just a few friends in real life, they have even hundreds of Facebook friends.

Facebook is the platform where users can share any kind of information with the rest of world. Whatever they post in their account, it shows on the timeline and friends and visitors can see all the posts including pictures, videos and written content. It’s a popular trend these days that when a Facebook user goes on a vacation, they always try to post as many pictures and videos in their account so they can share their experience with their friends. This is just a small part of this social media platform that has hundreds of features to offer to all users. Among those features, there is a feature where users can wish birthday to their friends. When you create your account, you also input your birthday and this can be seen by your friends or people who you allow seeing your posts.

As the birthday of your friend is coming up, you will get a notification from Facebook so you can wish your friend. Initially, Facebook only allowed text greetings to be sent to the users but now that has changed. According to a recent survey, more than 45 million people send birthday wishes to their friends on Facebook every day. Because this number is so high, Facebook had to do something to make the greeting look more special and sincere. That’s why a new feature was added where you can create a video including moments and pictures of your past and send it to the birthday person. This doesn’t only look more passionate but it also shows that the sender has put real thoughts and feelings into creating this message for the receiver.

Another amazing thing about birthday wishes is that Facebook wanted to add some feature where you can also send some kind of gift to the birthday person along with the birthday wish so they added a donation option. A few days before your birthday, you receive a notification from Facebook listing the non-profit organizations where you can donate money. Once you choose a specific organization, it will be automatically shared with your friends and when they are sending you birthday wishes, they will also be able to donate some money to that charity that you choose. This particular feature is great because it allows the users to influence their friends and convince them to donate money to charity organizations. Just imagine that if 45 million people are sending birthday wishes to their friends every day, how much money can be donated even if each of them just donates a single dollar.

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How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos




How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

Youtube has become the most famous social media platforms specifically designed to upload and watch videos. Unlike other websites and applications, there are no restrictions on how many videos you can upload to your channel and how long each video should be. Instead, your choices are endless and you can upload any kind of content on your YouTube channel. With millions of videos uploaded on YouTube each day, it’s becoming more crowded and if you have a channel, it can take a lot of hard work and constant efforts to increase the number of your subscribers and viewers. There are some tricks that work on the long run and there are some techniques that need you to invest money in order to increase the viewers quickly but only a handful tricks can be found that actually work without paying anything to YouTube. Some of these tricks and easy ways are described below.

Techniques to increase YouTube visitors:

1.   Stick to a Schedule When Uploading:

When we talk about increasing the viewers and subscribers of your YouTube channel, people mostly think that more videos mean more viewers. This might be true for blogs but when we are discussing youtube channel and videos, quality is more important than quantity. This means that when you have the youtube channel to handle, you should only upload the videos that qualify high-quality standards. Another important thing to understand is that there are thousands of youtube channels which means your viewers will have other channels to check as well. You need to upload the videos on a specific time and day i.e. on Tuesday 12:00 pm. This will not only allow your viewers to understand your timeline of uploading new material but it will also give them a sense of regularity and punctuality. These are the characteristics that people prefer and it will give you more chance to get popular among their friends.

2.   Choose the Video Title Very Carefully:

The title of the video that you upload is very important because this is what makes the viewers take interest in your material and content. Some people make the mistake of adding a small title that doesn’t give a full explanation of the video and some make the mistake of adding a very long title that is cut off because of the excessive length. If the title is small, viewers won’t understand what’s included in the video and if the title is cut off because of length, YouTube won’t show it in the search results. You need to do some effort on deciding the suitable title for your youtube video so it qualifies all the requirements and criteria.

3.   Advertise Selective Videos:

This is a very common mistake that most YouTube channel owners make as they advertise each and every video they upload on the channel. Just imagine that you subscribe to a blog and the owner just keeps sharing irrelevant and useless videos regardless of what taste you have and what kind of material is more suitable for you. This is what most people do when they share and advertise their YouTube videos. The good practice to do is to only choose the top rated videos and best material to share on other social media websites i.e. Facebook, Twitter and your personal blogs.

4.   Use Appropriate Keywords and Description:

If you have a YouTube channel and you make regular searches on Google, you will understand the importance of keywords and headings. Keywords are the search titles that users use to search for specific material. If you know where to find something, you can go straight to that place but if you have no idea, then you have to make some searches and allocate the things that you require. Same is the case with YouTube videos as people can’t remember channel names so they always search for videos with keywords. This is why it’s really important that you should use specific and relevant keywords when uploading videos to YouTube. You can either use unique keywords or competitive keywords depending on your preferences and type of videos you upload to your channel.

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