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Artificial Intelligence : A Simple and Complete Guide



Artificial Intelligence

Whether you are a kid, a parent who wants to explain artificial intelligence to your kids or a beginner who knows nothing about artificial intelligence. This article will help you to know everything you need to know about AI in a simple fashion.

Basically, the technology that is used in Robots or any kind of automatic machines is artificial intelligence.

Breaking it word by word, artificial means that which is made by man and intelligence means the power to think.

Artificial intelligence is created in such a such a way that it can execute it functions as a  human does. The intention behind its creation is to create computers, robots, and software in such a way that it reduces human effort to a miraculous level.

The AI gadgets can work with higher speed, can remember more data than a human being can and it can also rectify the mistakes made by humans.

The intelligence power in human beings is natural. We can easily identify what we see, hear and touch and can decide how to deal with things in different situations. Similar to this, a kind of intelligence is developed in machines and we call it as artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence in today’s world is a vast subject. Every day some new researches happen on this topic.
You can get some sense of it if you have watched some Robot based movies.

Artificial intelligence is not just of a single type, but it has several types of uses. There are many AI gadgets which we have been using for a long time, and there are many which will be introduced in the near future.

Artificial intelligence was brought into light for the first time in 1956 by an American Computer Scientist, John Mccarthy and after then it has been exponentially developing.

Types of artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is divided into three types.

1) Weak AI

The weak artificial intelligence is also referred to as Artificial Narrow Intelligence. Weak AI is such intelligence which holds good only in a specific device.

Let us understand this by taking an example.
Suppose that you have a game on your computer, say football. Then the AI applied in making the game is an expert in football only and nothing else.

Let us consider another example. You might know some shopping sites like Amazon, the software in the site is expert of tracking your orders and showing you the products, it cannot be used in games.
Such intelligence which works only in a specific area is called Artificial Narrow Intelligence or simply weak AI.

2) Strong AI

The human brain is very complicated and has a very complex mechanism. Human beings have a lot of common sense or they have such kind of intelligence which a machine doesn’t have.

Efforts are made to make machines capable of functioning as human beings to some extent. The intelligence put in it is called Strong AI, which is also referred to as Artificial General Intelligence.

3) Singularity

Till date, the use of Strong AI has not come into existence. It is expected to be used in the market by 2050, then you will be familiar with such robots and machines whose intelligence level will match that of a human being.
But this will not be the end of the development process of AI. Once a machine starts learning then it is going to improve further.
We can imagine machines on a super-intelligent level where they can learn themselves and grow themselves. A living example of such machine is the Sophia Robot.
The day may not be far when robots will start creating more intelligent robots at an exponential rate.
The AI in such a higher level of intelligence is called Singularity or Artificial Super Intelligence.

In a simple fashion, Singularity can be expressed as machine intelligence which can easily beat human intelligence.
Looking at the growth of intelligence in machines, we can say that once they get to the level of humans, they will take no time to surpass us.

Such technology can obviously bring ease in human life, as almost all the works can be concluded by machines. But experts even say that when machines get in Singularity with the humans, they can put human existence to a huge risk.

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence:

NASA has been taking help of Artificial intelligence for a long time to minimize the errors in Space researches.

The employment of the human workforce is gradually vanishing in automobile industries, AI robots are capable of making and arranging the parts of the automobile once the algorithm is properly set.

Also, it’s ability to work at higher speed has made it much profitable for many industries.

AI also has its huge implications in education. AI tutors have made the learning process much more convenient and efficient.

Artificial intelligence has attracted the Healthcare sector too. AI machines have made it easier for the doctors to diagnose their patients more precisely and quickly.

The Apple company has introduced ‘Siri’ in its devices, it can hear your commands and work according to it.

Alexa by Amazon is a robot that can take your voice commands and find out results for it from the internet.

In most of the places, police are taking help of AI to track the position of the criminals. There are many security gadgets that are being used all over the world.

Not just these, but there are uses of AI in many more sectors and soon AI is likely to cover almost every areas in the near future.

Pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence:


AI can help with tough and stressful tasks to reduce human effort.

▪ Machines can complete work with much higher speed than humans.

▪ Robotics can be used to simplify daily home activities and kitchen activities.

▪ The work done by AI gadgets will have less risk of failure than the work done by human beings.

▪ AI can create realistic fun and Artificial Intelligence role in educational games for the children to keep them engaged.

▪ Difficult assignments can be finished with fewer errors and defects.

▪ It can make any subject easier to understand for the students.

▪ Proper application of AI gadgets can save both time and money.

▪ AI can help us achieve any target in less time and more efficiency.


While the use of AI has occupied many sectors, the quality of human beings in different fields is being ignored.

▪ AI has replaced humans in many areas and it has increased the risk of unemployment in the coming future.

▪ To much dependency on machines have made humans less independent and lazy.

▪ Since machines will be handling many tasks, the upcoming generations may lack abilities in them.

▪ There is no filtering of the information.

▪ The ability of the AI machines to do mass scale destruction can be misutilised by terrorist organizations.

Though there are many noticeable disadvantages of the use of Artificial intelligence, but an optimized use of it can bring fruitful results for the human benefit.

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The Impact of the Internet on Society



The Impact of the Internet on Society

Internet in the current world has a vital role in the society. The Internet brings a lot of hottest stuff on Wall Street, reshaping the technological innovation, and fills the sheets of the world’s presses. The Internet brings many new ways for the people to collect, join and sharing information of a social nature. It is understandable that the Internet has and will continue to change the way of people living style.

Typically, Internet has built a more powerful society in the world, this is the reason Internet has good effects on the society but on the other side, the power of the Internet is also misused by the companies and some peoples and the people has not strong privacy on the Internet which is negative for society. The Impact of the Internet on the society depends on the good and bad habits.

Our current society has many of the beneficial facilities which make easy for the people to accessing things like social media sites, online business, shopping sites and automation of social skills and they also have some negative effects besides the benefits. Without the Internet, we can’t imagine a happier day in our routine life. This is because there are so many discoverable things on the Internet which bring people interest.

How the Internet has changed and how it will continue to keep changing our lives, here are some examples that why there are so many conferences on the topic.

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Positive Impact of the Internet on Society

Social media websites and social networks are the main biggest positive impact of the internet on society. With the help of Internet technologies now societies around the world are becoming stronger, advanced and become more intelligent.
In the current society, the impact of the Internet is now making political, social and economic changes around the world just because of there are billions of users like you and me are using the Internet on the daily routine. These actions and thinking patterns that we get on the internet is changing every second with the speed of technology and its impacts on society positively or negatively.

Communication Around the World

The biggest positive impact of the Internet on society is it makes the communication with the people very fast and easy. Social media networks are the strong part of communication in these days, groups on social media are the great example of social connections and developing a different culture in society. Now peoples are not relying on the old way of communication which takes a lot of days to send their messages by postal. Now the Internet removes the physical barriers between people.
The Internet cannot be equal to the face to face conversation but it brings a lot of easy way with those we can even make video chat around the world. There are so many applications available on the smart device like Skype, Facebook Messenger and so other that used to make a video call.

Improved Education and Learning Process

The Internet has improved the education and learning process: Education is the main pillar of every economy. People in every society needs well and prearranged educational structures so that they can learn more latest information. Most of the universities have already implemented the Internet in their classrooms, which causes they can now search any stuff or any educational search to better understand the topics to the students.
Everyone has smart devices in their pockets which always connected to the Internet. On the Internet, students are not bound to their parents or for the teachers only to prepare their topics the can find questions and prepare their assignments by searching on the Internet. And learning some difficult kind of subjects like biology, mathematics, geography, physics and economics are no longer be difficult as it is now everything is available on the Internet.

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Negative Impact of the Internet on Society

As Internet has many positive impacts on the society but on the other side it has some serious negative impact as well. It is assuming that the Internet is very important for the new generation in the current society to lead the current technology. On the Internet, there are so many solutions to the problems but people even don’t know what problems his neighbors are facing but they are just providing solutions to the to overseas. This is one of the negative impact of the internet on society.
When we were connected to the Internet, we don’t care about the environment, physically activates, relations and family and we forget that what is happening around us. On the Internet, we better know how to communicate with robots such as Google but we don’t know that how to communicate with child and parents.

Lack of Safety on the Internet

On the Internet and social media sites, there are so many unsuitable materials that we think which is not good for the children and teenagers. We even can’t save our family data on the Internet (Cloud) just to be in afraid of being hacked by someone. There are so many hacking data and information available on the internet. Even children are now hacking the websites these days.
When we talk about privacy then there is nothing about it on the internet. Even government of various countries are not fully protected to make the user’s data safe. Every application that we are using on a mobile phone are now asked us to make permission and access to the user’s photos, contacts and some other data and without giving these accesses we even cannot install the application. We use online cash transactions on daily bases which means we are giving access to our banking information to that website where are you making transaction so we can even think that we are safe on the Internet. This is the biggest challenge for the society to do mobile banking and keep safe from being hacked from someone.

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Lack of Creativity and Waste of Time

Another negative effect of the Internet on the society is the lack of creativity in students and teenagers. As one of the worthful features of the Internet is the unlimited sources of information. When you have all the information on the Internet then there is no need for creativity. When a student has all information on the Internet then why they do some effort to create assignment and project by itself, they will copy and paste into their work. Due to this problem, the plagiarism has increased in the society and lead to the lack of creativity. This makes a cause of depending on the Internet by the society to find any solution to their problems.

We cannot forget the waste of time on the Internet when it comes to the negative effects of the Internet. Students and teenagers are spending most of the time on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and watching movies instead of getting more informational stuff on the Internet. As there are infinite data of entertainment so people spend more time on the Internet which is the black hole of the Internet on society.

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