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Google Drive Is Going To Back Up Your Entire Computer In Future



Google Drive Is Going To Back Up Your Entire Computer In Future

Insufficient storage is a common problem that many of us face on a regular basis when downloading a new video or business related file to the personal computer. Expansion of the hard drive could definitely be expensive but cloud storage is an outstanding and economical option to save your data on the web using different services offered by websites and well-known companies. Google drive is a famed and commonly used product of the Google that enables a user to upload data to the cloud with no trouble for later access via internet connection from every corner of the world. Nowadays, Google driver offers its customers to upload personal and professional files on cloud storage up to 15 GB without paying a single cent to the company but a user can upgrade the storage as per individual needs.

Google Drive Will Soon Back Up Your Entire Computer

According to the latest news, Google is about to bring a great novelty in its cloud storage product and possibly the old Google drive will be replaced with a new app named Backup and Sync which is expected to be launched on 28 June 2017. It will back your entire computer’s data up ranging from photos, documents, videos and much more that you have in the storage of your computer. In simple words, the new Google Drive will soon back up your entire computer and you will get rid off the issue of insufficient storage permanently. It sounds like great news for computer geeks who love to upload their data to cloud for later safe and secure access.

As we all know that Google has its separate cloud storage products named Google photos to back up your images and graphics, Google docs to save your important documents on the internet that you can access worldwide via internet connection, now Google has new plan to expand its cloud storage options and about to launch Backup and Sync at the end of June 2017 and it will allow a user to back up the entire computer. Whether you are using a Macbook, Ipad or laptop as your favorite data processing machine, Backup and Sync application powered by Google will work well on all.

Well, It’s the time to thanks Google for providing us the best cloud storage option named Backup and Sync Software because Google drive will soon back up your entire computer that no company is offering at all.

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Pokémon GO News | PvP Mode Complete Detail & Instruction




pokemon go news

Pokemon Go already hit the world by its popularity and by their download rate. Those who are related to classic and modern edge technology knew it was going to be big. In the first year, Pokemon Go leads to the top games collection, In this Pokemon Go news bring a very useful feature which is actually missed from last 2 years. Yes, its player vs player (PvP) mode coming by the end of the year 2018.

By me I have been playing this awful game from the first day of release and achieved a lot of challenges such as regional Pokedex completed got a lot of medals, won a lot of Battle raids over 120 and been reached to the level of 50 by spending a lot of hours and dollars just to achieve Battle Raids. All this tenure I have played alone and compare with friend’s achievements, but here the new feature (PvP) which allow you to play and target your friends.

In the first year of launching the Pokemon Go ride of success so swiftly and nothing issues happened to it but suddenly a lot of crashes and server issues happened who also destroyed as much as it was created. Now from the last month Pokemon Go fixed a large number of server issues and brings a lot of new updates for smooth and swift running. But some of the known error as still being reported by different users, like in-game tracker which shows a Pokestop suddenly without letting you know from a small distance is still terrible.

But the game company now have stepped up to make a community relation and working on it over the last few months just by improving the quality and bringing new features. That’s a key to success for the Pokemon Go approaches and the first time the game will get a new feature like Player vs. Player (PvP) and other related updates on the roadmap.

Pokemon Go PvP Mode

Into its third year of Pokemon Go release, Niantic is continually adding a new feature by updating the app after every couple of day, and PvP seems the next coming feature. In the Interview of Anne Beuttenmüller’s (Polish publication Gram Magazine) revealed a PvP mode feature is coming to Pokemon Go seems to be added by the end of this year 2018. This will be the most demanding feature (as fans have been asking for its addition to Pokemon Go since it was first related to the public) compared to all other which has been recently added.

Recently trading was added to Pokemon Go after a long wait of two years for the first launch of the application. Despite the game development and the new useful features are slow but it makes the game more attractive. According to the Beuttenmüller’s words in the interview is keen to focus on improving the social elements of the game.

Some of the feature in (PvP) mode is adding Pokemon Go’s friend list, add a note to your friend which help the player to remember the real names, and ability to “separate your friend list” so by this feature you can add your friends into the group based on who can give you more gifts.

Beuttenmüller said in the Polish game site, “Now we are working on PvP mode and it will appear soon”. The trading feature is currently available in Pokemon Go so players are currently have had an indirect way of battling each other via gyms. This is the reason PvP battling is the most requested feature which is currently missing although it will add now by the end of the year 2018. This feature brings the ability to challenge both friends and strangers to an instinctive Pokemon battle.

More about Pokemon Go: Initial released was held in July 2016, Pokemon Go instantly hit a lot of fans which brings a large community of gaming peoples, games at home thanks to Niantic adding real-world locations into the game. This game available for both operating systems Android and iOS and there are more than 150 million active users currently running on both operating devices. $104 million is recording in-app purchases on both platforms which shows the people interest in this real-world game.

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One Punch Man Season 2 | Release Date | Info | Trailer




one punch man season 2

One Punch Man is one of the most popular anime web comics from the year of the first release. As it’s been a long time there is no second season and everywhere people are just like when “One Punch Man Season 2” is coming just because of its popularity. But it seems wait is no longer be more, it is coming very soon. It seems that the making of the second season taking a long time to produce to show the action-packed comic.

This web comic originally written by ONE Mob Psyco 100 based on manga and initial release was early 2009 and got famous around worldwide. In 2012 Yusuke Murata redesigned manga and at this time it was released on Young Jump Web Comics website which is known as Shueisha Inc.’s at that stage manga series become viral around 7.9 million hits online which was so quick.

One Punch Man Season 2 Discussion

Since there are a large number of following peoples are so excited about the release of season 2, as the date is not yet confirmed when it going to be out for the public. As the one punch man manga has already out with the show’s storyline, so Season 2 will be announced for public release on upcoming anime even which is going to be held on 12th August. Most possibly One Man Punch Season 2 will fall either at the end of 2018 or Winter 2019.

one punch man season 2

As the release of season 2 is not much for so we can expect that One Man Punch English Dub is also being available after some time. A page on social media The Show’s already confirmed that the even already has been set and the voice of actors will be making also. We expect that this event will reveal a lot of information about One Man Punch Season 2.

On the first season of One Punch Man’s we see Saitama’s looks so powerful in his journey with a combination of comedy. Saitama grows bored in the first season due to his superhuman power. But we all been fall in love with those expressionless face and eyes and his superb smile. So everyone is excited about the upcoming next season of One Punch Man.

If you are excited about the coming fall season 2 then let us know in the comments below!

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Flying Cars You Can Pre-Book Now




flying car

Flying car? Is it possible? Absolutely in 1940, Henry Ford said that: “Note my words – In the future flying car is coming on the way with a combination airplane and motorcar.” And its like he said true as the flying taxis apparently on the way.

Now the thing is that when it will be come to alive and be on the roads? Will it come in decades years later or in the short period? In the 20th-century our dream is coming to the truth with the history experiments and sci-fi ideas and something just as good may take its place.

The dreams of travelers who are stuck in rush-hour traffic might be coming true in the 20th century by taking a flying car on the roads and air. But there are more challenges remains how the air mobility will be done safely and smoothly before the technology gets off the ground.

Flying car mobility process is also on the testing period by Uber who aims to make dreams come true by making flying cars till 2023. Uber plans to test their air taxi services to be tested in the Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort area starting in 2020 with the help of the partnering company how are the manufacturer of the helicopter.

What is flying car? The flying car is a vehicle which can be driven on the road and take off like a plane.

Is flying car a dream or real? Obviously, it’s a reality there are so many models going to be available in the future and be scheduled to run on the road and fly in the air.

With car driving, license flying car can be drive? For driving on the road there is no need of any other license instead of a car but if you want to take off then obviously pilot’s license is required.

As per the planning, there will be no traffic jams on roads in the future. The researcher is currently working on the innovation of how to manage it on the air for safe fly driving and a place to land at work.

Flying Cars Which Are Available Today!

Many prototypes car has been shown in the public view only but it is not currently tested on the road to take off for flying.

However, here we are starting to unfold some kind of success stories about those cars who can fly and available for pre-order booking.

Opener Blackfly – Flying Car

opener blackfly

Opener Blackfly is an Electric vehicle powered by American VTOL and the design of the car is bye a Canadian Marcus Leng company. As the Opener Blackfly has fixed wings without having wheels, it is take-off and landing vertically.

All this Electric based vehicle designed to replace your car, which is publically introduced on 12 July 2018 after nine years of hard development. Blackfly Electric can easily travel at the speed of 100 km/h with the range of 40 km and obviously, you don’t need a pilot license to drive it.

Blackfly pre-order price is: $94,000 USD

PAL-V Liberty –  Flying Car

pal-v liberty

PAL-V is a autogyro and gyrocopter fight based, which wings can be foldable, when you are driving on the roads. In the next year PAL-V Liberty will become the first car which will be introduced in the public.

The design and functions are beautifully combined by the Italian and Dutch engineering and it comes with dual engines. On the ground, the rotor and propeller will stop and all the power transferred to the wheels. It can be travel at the speed of 177kph with the range of 483 kilometers.

PAL-V pre-order price is: $600,000 USD

AeroMobil 4.0 – Flying Car

areomobil 4.0

AeroMobil 4.0 is the real flying car with all that a car and an aeroplane functions need for a cool drive. AeroMobil 4.0 wings can be foldable while driving on the ground and fold out to fly in the air. It has a hybrid-powered based on a Subaru boxer engine.

This will also be the most recent launching flying car which will be introduced in 2020 to hit the road. The flying car speed on the road is 259kph while on the air it allowing the top speed of 159kph to be able you cruise for 780 kilometers.

AeroMobil 4.0 pre-order price is: $1,300,000 to $1,600,000 USD


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