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Online Marketing is a growing platform where we can advertise anything, a good marketer knows everything that what is coming in the future to stay ahead of the curve on new trends. To keep the business success we must have awareness of future ideas and techniques, as we all know that online business is gaining very popularity nowadays on online marketing. There are some online marketing strategies that can be executed for free but if you use the campaigns that require money it will produce the best results.

Here are eight marketing growth strategies to help your small business success in 2017.

Use Paid Content Promotion:

If you upload or publish a high-quality post then consider using paid promotion to help attract the potential customers to your website. Services like Outbrain and Taboola will place your content as recommended reading alongside similar topics on top websites that receive a large volume of traffic.

This is very helpful way to market your small online business

Design an Infographic and Offer it to Other Relevant Websites:

An infographic is the best way to market your small online business because it provides you two benefits. First is that it provides you with a nice piece of content for your website that you can promote across different social media platforms to attract the customers. Second is you can use this in a way to acquire links and referral traffic from other relevant websites.

Hire a Freelance Writer for Your Blog or website:

As we know that content is the king. So your website and blog need fresh and relevant content to keep the customer’s attraction towards your website and blog. Basically posting regular and relevant content tells the search engines that your website is a source they should consider for information related to your keywords.

If you have started a small business and working on a smaller niche than hiring a freelance writer will give you plenty of content on a regular basis which helps you to increase your to increase your organic search traffic.

Hire a Freelance Social Media Manager:

Social media is a constant source of website traffic if you have a full-time employee to manage it. But if you can’t hire a full-time social media manager then you can hire a freelance social media manager within a limited budget.  There are many freelance social media managers which will handle your customer’s service issues, schedule your social posts and engage with your followers

Run Facebook Ads to Target Local Customers:

If you have a local business and you want to drive your customers through your door then run Facebook ads and a target local radius audience like 3-10 miles from your business The right offer can push a lot of foot traffic, especially if you only target mobile devices. This is the best way to market your small online business

Produce an Animated Explainer Video:

Explainer Video is becoming very popular in every aspect online business because animated explainer not only gives you the opportunity to explain your product or service in a different way on your website, but it also gives you something to use as marketing collateral on social media and YouTube.

Start an Affiliate Program:

An affiliate program rewards other websites and publishers for driving traffic and sales to your website. It’s a great way to drive additional volume. Determine what you can offer for each sale, keeping in mind that affiliates will work much harder for an attractive payout.

Run YouTube Video Ads:

You tube video ads is the best way to promote your small online business. you can pay per view of a targeted campaign or impressions. It’s important that your video captures attention immediately. Deliver your main point right away, and then use the rest of the video to highlight key points.

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