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Best Graphics Cards – Best GPUs for Gaming



Best Graphics Cards for Gaming

Power of CPU, processor speed, and RAM are some of the important factors for building a perfect PC either for work or personal use but there is yet another element that plays the most vital role in performance and that is the GPU or gaming card. Usually, the built-in gaming card in the PC is not very good for high-quality games or for 1080P resolution and for that purpose, you need to add a separate gaming card. At this moment, the market is filled with hundreds of options from multiple manufacturers including AMD and Nvidia but it isn’t easy to find the graphics card that is suitable for your gaming requirements and yet it’s affordable.

If you have a mid-range PC, it doesn’t make any sense to buy a GPU that outruns the overall cost of your computer but on the other hand, if performance is what you need regardless of money, maybe finding a top quality and expensive GPU isn’t wrong. While looking for the perfect graphics card for your gaming PC, there are some factors that you should consider besides performance and price including; type and duration of warranty, overclocking, visual flair, fan noise, length of the card especially if you have small PC, No. of cooling fans and how much power it requires. Below is the list of some of the top quality graphics cards that you can choose from.

Top graphics cards for gaming:

Nvidia GTX 1050Ti:

Nvidia is in the gaming card business for quite some time and it’s safe to say that most of the gaming card models by this manufacturer fulfilled our requirements along with meeting mid-range budget plans. GTX 1050Ti is yet another model from Nvidia that delivers med to above-med performance while keeping your budget in the low range. With this card, you can play 1080P games without any hesitation and even if you move to 1440P or even 4K games, you can still get pretty good quality with medium settings. The good thing about this model to consider is that unlike most of the other cards, this won’t need an additional power supply but it can get the juice from the already existing power supply of your PC.

Price: $234.98
Buy From Amazon

GeForce GTX 1060:

If you add around $50 to the budget that you set aside for any mid-range graphics card, you can get the GeForce GTX 1060 GPU which is a very sleek and high-quality card. The good thing about this card is that compared to same price models, it has 3GB of capacity and with that 1GB extra RAM on board, the performance becomes better. Again this is just suitable for only 1080P and some 1440P medium range games but it’s not built to be used for 4K resolution games. If budget and power consumption is what you consider the most for a GPU, GeForce 1060 is the absolute best option for you in the market.

Price: $349.99
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AMD Radeon RX 570:

For a brief period of time, Nvidia was the only manufacturer that built good quality graphics card and at that time, those cards were not affordable for mid-range PCs but then AMD introduced it’s affordable and budget efficient GPUs in the market and things were never the same as before. RX 570 is a mid-priced GPU that has up to 8GB built-in RAM on board. Although if you are going with this model, getting it with 4GB RAM would be a better idea because performance isn’t that different with 8GB if you stick with only 1080P games so paying $75 extra doesn’t make any sense for just 4GB RAM. But, in either case, for most of your gaming needs, RX 570 is the GPU that your PC needs.

Price: $369.99
Buy From Amazon

Nvidia GTX 1080:

This is the absolute best gaming card that you can get at this moment in the market. It’s for sure that after few months, there will be something better than this model but at this time, GTX 1080 is the most powerful graphics card for gaming in full HD and even 4K resolution. The amazing quality of this card is that it’s built for gaming in 4K resolution so you don’t need to worry about compromising on pixels and frames per second. Perhaps the only setback of this model is that it’s too expensive for mid-range PCs. Whether you go with 4GB model or 8GB, this is going to set you back for around $650 which is more than what you should pay for just a gaming card but if performance is the only factor in your mind, there is nothing better than GTX 1080.

Price: $949.00
Buy From Amazon

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What is Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center?




what is mouse and keyboard center

Mouse and Keyboard Center encourages you to customize and redo how you utilize your Microsoft mice and keyboard. With the assistance of this software, you can readily adjust mice and keyboard settings, register your Microsoft device, and change application particular settings, for example, keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks. That is, you can assign the keys to perform distinctive actions in various applications.

Utilizing Mouse and Keyboard Center one can also get to the online how-to and troubleshooting library and absolute computing guide.

  • The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center offer the most control to customize your mouse and keyboard accessories.
  • An application that encourages you to make the most out of your Microsoft keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft Mouse And Keyboard Center

A couple of months back, Microsoft released Mouse and Keyboard Center software for its Windows 8 OS, a software which fills in as a substitution for Microsoft IntelliPoint and IntelliType Pro. As itwere, Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse Center is for PC users who are utilizing aMicrosoft keyboard or mice with a Windows machine.

Fortunately, the most contemporary version of Mouse and Keyboard Center is good with Windows 7 too. Windows 7 users who are utilizing a Microsoft mice or keyboard would now be able to download and introduce Mouse and Keyboard Center to make the most out of keyboard and mice.

What can Mouse and Keyboard Center do?

In the wake of running the install for the Mouse and Keyboard Center, the app should consequently perceive a supported mouse or keyboard. Surprisingly, the new Surface Ergonomic Keyboard isn’t yet advanced, yet the more established Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard works.

There is even a large list of all the Microsoft peripherals that do work with the Mouse and Keyboard Center:

Mouse and Keyboard Center Download Windows7,8,10

Employing the software is easy to use. Associate your Microsoft keyboard or mice, introduce Mouse and Keyboard Center, restart your PC, launch Mouse and Keyboard Center by typing Mouse and Keyboard Center Start screen or Start menu. Once launched, select your mouse or keyboard to begin configuring default settings. Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center are good with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.


Download Mouse and Keyboard Center to benefit from Windows.

MicrosoftMouse and Keyboard Center

Most recent Release: Mouse and Keyboard Center 10

•    It right now just works with Windows 10 Pro.

What’s New in this release:

•    Supports Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse

•    Supports Microsoft Arc Mouse and Surface Arc Mouse DPI design

Mouse and Keyboard Center supports you to customize and redo how you take a shot at your PC

•    Tailor your mouse and keyboard to meet your remarkable needs and work style.

•    Modify your mouse and keyboard settings to make it simpler to utilize the exceptional highlights of most PC applications.

Easily progress to Mouse and Keyboard Center from existing device management apps

•    Launch the app from the Windows Start.

•    View and change basic and application-particular settings for every single associated device in one place.

•    Explore features with pop up distinct and “how-to” InfoTips.

•    Includes access to an online How-To/Troubleshooting library.

•    Includes access to an online Healthy Computing Guide for tips on the best way to work all the more easily on your PC.

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center must have an app you may not know exists

This free official app can release the power of your Microsoft mouse, yet you may not think about it.

Microsoft dependably has some peculiar methods for getting things done. The Windows 10 OS and app feature is in a developing stage going from Win32 to UWP, however not everything is changed over yet, and some apps are covered on Microsoft’s site – the right thing the Store assumed illuminate.

If you use Microsoft mice or keyboard like the new Surface Arc Mouse, you will need to get the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center application. It’s free and adds some key highlights to this – and other – mice and keyboard.

Think about the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center as advanced settings for some Microsoft-marked peripherals. It’s a great Windows app that comes in 32-and 64-bit versions (a large portion of you will decide on 64-bit).

Unfortunately, if you are running Windows 10 S like on the new Surface Laptop, you can’t download and introduce this Microsoft app. About when Microsoft chooses to port it over to Windows 10 locally, or, utilize the Desktop Bridge to place it in the Windows Store is misty.

In Windows 10 users can discover huge numbers of the mouse alternatives under Settings > Devices > Mouse. These settings include primary button task, what number of lines to scroll, and how the mouse wheel scrolls.

The Mouse and Keyboard Center, in any case, adds considerably more options to Microsoft mice that numerous users will appreciate. You won’t be a power user to use these.

How would I install Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center?

Download Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center from Microsoft Center.

To finish installing the app.

Instructions to follow:

•    Users should tap Accept button on the setup wizard.

To confirm that the app has been successfully installed:

•    Open and type Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.

An alternate way to open the application will be shown. Tap the shortcut to open the app.

Start Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center

•    Tap Start, and after that Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.


During installation, you will see an option to enable Dynamic content. To enable get the Dynamic content option automatically checks with Microsoft online and download device updates.

Which devices are supported by Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center?

Some old Microsoft devices are nevermore supported in Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center; although, they are as yet upheld by the IntelliPoint 8.2/IntelliType Pro 8.2 software.

If you have installed the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software and can’t find and configure your device, check the lists of devices to affirm which software support your device.

If your device isn’t supported by MicrosoftMouse and Keyboard Center software, use the Control Panel to uninstall it, andafterward, reinstall the Intelli Point/Intelli Type Pro software.

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Nvidia GeForce RTX Series, Specifications and Features




Nvidia GeForce RTX Series

The wait for the all-new NVidia RTX2000 series is now over. A six-time powerful graphics card was launched by NVidia, which is the GeForce RTX 2080 GPU. This was announced by the company from Cologne, Germany during the pre-Gamescom live stream.

This graphics card is built in such a way that it easily surpasses all the qualities of its previous card, GTX 1080.

The full form of RTX is real-time ray tracing. The best thing about RTX is that it is able to provide shadow reflection and light of cinema quality to the games.

Two more GPU’S has also been announced by NVidia, they are RTX 2070 and 2080 Ti.

As said by the CEO of NVidia, Jensen Huang, a new computing model has been introduced, which will be the best performer of all time.

The famous game PUBG is also an RTX supported a game.

The prices for these three new products from RTX is going to be quite expensive. 
The price for RTX 2070 is $599, the price for RTX 2080 is $799 and the price for RTX 2080 Ti is $1199.


RTX 2070:

Base Clock – RTX 2070 has a Base Clock of 1410 MHz.

Boost clock – A 1620 MHz boost clock is present in RTX 2070.

CUDA Core Count – It’s CUDA core count is 2304.

VRAM Capacity – RTX 2070 has a RAM capacity of 8 GB GDDR6.

Memory Interface – It has 256-bit memory Interface.

TDP – The TDP in RTX 2070 is 175 W.

RTX 2080:

Base Clock – RTX 2080 has a Base Clock of 1515 MHz.

Boost clock – A 1710 MHz boost clock is present in RTX 2080.

CUDA Core Count – It’s CUDA core count is 2944.

VRAM Capacity – RTX 2080 has a RAM capacity of 8 GB GDDR6.

Memory Interface – It has 256-bit memory Interface.

TDP – The TDP in RTX 2080 is 215 W.

RTX 2080 Ti:

Base Clock – RTX 2080 Ti has a Base Clock of 1350 MHz.

Boost clock – A 1545 MHz boost clock is present in RTX 2080 Ti.

CUDA Core Count – It’s CUDA core count is 4352.

VRAM Capacity – RTX 2080 Ti has a RAM capacity of 11 GB GDDR6.

Memory Interface – It has 352-bit memory Interface.

TDP – The TDP in RTX 2080 Ti is 250 W.


Looking at the lots of improvements made in the architecture and considering the speed of the VRAM, the performance of RTX cards will be way better than the Pascal cards. According to NVidia, the new cards will perform six times better than the Pascal GPU’S.

The ray tracing feature in the RTX graphic cards is a completely new feature, which might provide an enlightening gaming experience, though how it will actually prove to be will be seen in the future.

The chips in the RTX 2000 series are noticeably powerful than the chips in their predecessor versions.
Among the three models, the most affordable one is the RTX 2070 which comes with 2305 CUDA Cores. It has undergone a great increase from the GTX 1070, which has1920 CUDA Cores.
Also, the RAM in the new model has the faster 14 Gbps GDDR6 version, although they had same RAM memory of 8 GB.

In comparison to the GTX 1080 having 2560 cores, the RTX has got a 15% hike in CUDA Cores with 2944 cores. It also has a memory of 8 GB.

With 4352 CUDA Cores RTX 2080 Ti stays in the top with best gains in its performance. It has gained a 21% boost from the GTX 1080 Ti. It has got a memory of 11 GB of GDDR6 while GTX 1080 Ti had GDDR5X memory.

All the three new cards launched are made according to the Turing architecture which was recently announced by the company. Since the invention of the CUDA GPU, Turing has been the greatest establishment of the company.
Many improvements are made in the architecture than the products of the last year.

All the three GPU’S, RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080 Ti are available in stores from September 20.

Many desktop companies are all ready to feature RTX graphic cards in their systems.
ASUS has already announced that it is in support of the new RTX cards and is willing to introduce them to the predator orion gaming desktops.
The RTX 2080 Ti GPU is likely to be featured in the ASUS’s orion 9000.
Further it has come to news that the mid range orion 5000 and orion 3000 will introduce the RTX 2080 GPU and 2070 GPU respectively in them.

The Aurora and Area 51 desktops of the Alienware brand have almost come to the conclusion that they might bring the RTX series cards in them.
It has also been announced that a refreshed version of the Aurora desktop will be made available in the market by October. The starting price of the desktop is supposed to be starting from $899.
The availability and price of the Area 51 desktops haven’t been confirmed yet.

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New Spectre 13 Comes with a Brand New HP Logo





That was a time when you have windows 10 running on a most handsome machine was MacBook running Bootcamp; but for now HP wants to attract their users back with a cool machine, The New Spectre 13 with Amazing Minimalistic Design new HP Logo. The HP Spectre 13.3 step forward to the premium level by creating a high-end notebook with an incredible design which has been sorely missing by users to bring some creativity to the Windows system.

At the time when HP introduced his first Spectre 13 in the middle of 2016, was not a laptop that we can compare it to the high-end devices. After that, they nailed the perfection level by creating swish looks and lightweight without any performance compromises. HP Spectre 13 is specially designed for tablet users who like lightweight machines though it’s a lightweight having powerful Intel 8th-generation core chip inside with ultrabook designed fancy 4k screen. HP showed such a strong impression that it remains the best laptop in our list.

New HP Logo with Amazing Minimalistic Design

This is not only the new Spectre 13 out there, it also includes a brand new HP Logo, it looks fantastic. The logo was designed years ago in 2011 by the folks at Moving Brands. In the launching event of Spectre 13, HP tells us that they will use this logo for their premium products only and also want to use their full “Hewlett Packard” branding on high-end quality devices.

hp logo

Previously Spectre series spelled out the whole brand name “HP” written on the back but now this heavily stylized “HP” on the lid that comes with four simple strips instead of spelling which looks great. These four diagonal slashes showing an abstract version of “Hewlett Packard” and people were more attracted by the logo instead of the new Spectre 13. The company already working to make it more attractive in the future and further it will be shown on next devices HP’s Envy and Spectre laptop.

HP Spectre 13 Reviews: Things You Need to Know

HP Spectre 13 comes with a lot of new features and high-end processing speed with Core i7 8th generation CPU chip inside and with a choice of two RAM and SSD storage according to the user’s requirement, will detail is below.

HP Spectre 13: Built Quality Design

The new latest HP Spectre 13 looks gorgeous by design as the first, every aspect of the design is fabulous: the carbon fiber, white ceramic, and aluminum chassis. Its thinner than Apple MacBook Pro 2017 and a little lighter too with only 1.1Kg weight. It comes with Type-C port USB 3.1 solitary and a pair of Thunderbolt 3-powered USB 3.1 Type-C ports.

The new ceramic-white color looks fancy which feels me just like I should wash my hand first before touch it or wear some kind of gloves to do my best with the machine. The gold HP’s logo on the lid surrounds white paint is a sandblasted better than a silver model which barely picks up fingerprints on it.

HP Spectre 13: Display and Audio

OH, yeah – this thing is tiny but it has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 IPS display. The lighter weight of 2.4 pounds the Spectre 13 is still constructed as a solid machine, which reminds me of a table with the 1080p display, efficient power, and lightweight, slightly display above the keyboard. The 13.3-inch HP Spectre 13 has 1080p touch-screen display which is covered by the Gorilla Glass but It is not as bright as its competitors’ screen. It has happened to me when I watched the first trailer of Black Panther, it was hard due to shadows.

The Spectre 13 with certified speakers comes out with an amazing amount of volume and decent base. The audio was loud enough to listen to a music in the noisy place, and the guitar, drums are cleared. When I come up to turn the base on the customized mode by using the Band & Olufsen app (which gives you right to modify the base and treble), it didn’t do much so I recommend most users to leave the default setting and enjoy the music. The Spectre’s speakers are fixed behind the keyboard, are not a bad idea.

HP Spectre 13: Performance and Battery Life

HP Spectre performance

The 8th-generation Core chip inside offer’s the HP Spectre 13 more capabilities and gives high speed to perform multiple tasks short period the probably higher than 7th-generation. This the first HP Spectre which includes Kaby Lake Refresh chip, the very latest Intel processor technology at that time which powers both configurations – clocked at 1.8Ghz to the maximum boost of speed 4GHz. It has a pair of 8GB DDR3 RAM that can be upgraded to 16GB in the top-end configuration.

Finally, at the last and most important part of every laptop is battery life. Before Spectre 13 is doubtful that a thicker and larger laptop has more capability of high battery life and high screen resolution, but that was some old thoughts. HP Spectre 13 comes with the high range of battery of 6 hours and 3 minutes of continuously browsing and playing video that is a superior battery life.

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