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Gaming is a lot of fun but only with the right equipment. Games have been capturing the attention of youngsters over a generation now. Now if you don’t have the right equipment or the right tools like graphics cards, RAM, CPU, and enough hard drive space then forget having fun with gaming.

To have good gaming experience you need a better gaming laptop. The better the laptop, the better will be the experience.

You cannot play your favorite games if you don’t have one of the best gaming laptops that I’m going to reveal today. You can buy best gaming laptop under $2000 dollars easily. We are going to reveal the gaming laptops we used for playing some high graphics games. 

So, let’s get into it without further ado.

So before getting into details, we want to describe few things that make a good laptop for a better gaming experience. We at TecheFeed, don’t want you to waste your $2,000 dollars on a useless machine.

Let’s make it worth for you.

So, these are the following things that you should look into a gaming laptop because you are going to pay a massive investment of 2,000$.

  • Graphics Cards (GPU)
  • Processor (CPU)
  • RAM
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD or SSD)

Graphics Cards:

Graphics card is the core of a gaming laptop. If you don’t have a good graphics card then there’s no benefit of having better CPU, RAM or HDD.

You need to spend most of your money and attention to graphics cards. There are two companies offering great value when it comes to graphics cards.

And, that’s where most of the people make mistakes. In the graphics world, the battle will always be between Nvidia and AMD. If you don’t want to make any haste then we would recommend you to check out this article first to get a grip on graphics cards.


CPU is the second most important thing after graphics cards. There’s a clear competition between AMD and Intel. However, we would recommend you to go with Intel.


RAM is also crucial to have a pleasant gaming experience. We’d recommend you to go with 8GB to 16 GB Ram. You can easily run many heavy games smoothly with 8GB ram as well.

Ram is something that boosts your processing speed and it is easy to upgrade as well. You can upgrade your ram as per your requirements.

Hard Disk Drive:

Many people ask us this one specific question about Hard Disk Drives, “Should I go with HDD or SDD Hard Disk Drive?”

The answer is, “We recommend you to go with SSD but if you can’t afford it then HDD will do the trick as well.”

Important Note:

One more thing, most of the games today are around 50-80GB themselves so anything less than 500GB will not be enough.

Now, you will have an idea in your mind of an ideal gaming laptop under 2000$. So, let me enlist the best gaming laptops under 2000 dollars that fulfill all the requirements of a good gaming laptop.

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Alienware R3 AW17R3-1675SLV:

If you’re into gaming long enough then you must be familiar with the name, “Alienware”. It has built a name and become a symbol for high-quality gaming laptops. The model R3 lacks nothing. It has the raw power to give you a pleasant time like never before.

Alienware R3 has Intel i7 6700HQ processor (6th Generation) and Nvidia GTX970M GPU with 3GB of VRAM that fulfills every dream of a true gamer.

You can have 8GB or 16GB ram, that’s all up to you. 8GB ram alone can do wonder for you. However, if you go with 16GB, you will get a 4k screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

With all the abilities, you can buy this incredible gaming laptop under 2000$.

Price: $1,378.00
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Acer Predator 15 G9-591-70XR:

Acer Predator is well known for its GPU power. It has gained the trust of the gamers to run almost every game in the world. It is a complete powerhouse with 4GB of DDR Ram.

That’s not all!

It also offers 16GB Ram and, i7 6700HQ processor. It has 250 SSD hard drive that will boost the boot time. Meanwhile, you can install and play a lot of games in the 1TB Hard Disk Drive which is being used for storing data.

The best thing about this gaming laptop is that it’s available under 2000$.

Price: $1,749.99
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XOTIC MSI GS60 Ghost Pro-002:

XOTIC MSI GS is built especially for gamers to have a good time. It has the GTX970M with 3GB of VRAM, 16GB of Ram.

It has dual storage options just like Acer Predator laptops. You can go with 1TB HDD and 250 SSD as well. XOTIC MSI is also available under 2000$.

Price: $1,799.00
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If you’re looking for a gaming laptop that has speed, space, and design within your range then MSI GT72 is the perfect choice for you.

It has the i7 5700HQ processor (5th Generation), 1TB of HDD, 16GB of RAM, and Nvidia’s GTX 970M with 3GB of VRAM. It’s all in one gaming laptop.

You can buy this amazing gaming laptop under 2000$. It’s worth the price.

Price: $899.00
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Asus G751JT 2014:

We couldn’t stop ourselves to mention Asus G751JT in our list of best gaming laptops under 2000$. It has all the features of an ideal gaming laptop under your budget.

The specs are the i7 4710HQ processor, a 1TB HDD, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD as well. It has Nvidia GTX970M graphics card with 3GB VRAM. Meanwhile, you can skip SSD hard drive on Amazon to reduce the overall cost.

Price: $1,499.99
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Alienware 17 FHD:

We don’t need to praise Alienware anymore. It has gained popularity with the quality of work they do for gamers. However, we have an older version of Alienware laptops here that can also fulfill your demands under your budget.

It has 1TB HDD, 8GB of Ram and GTX970M graphic card to help you enjoy your gaming time.

Price: $1,949.99
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So, here’s the overview of the post. Before buying a gaming laptop, you should know what you are looking for? And, what things make an ideal gaming laptop for you.

We hope that you might find this information actionable enough to buy your ideal gaming laptop. Well, these are the best gaming laptops that you can buy for 2000$ or less. Good Luck!

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