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E-learning, digital screens in class rooms and tablets (fully stored with course books and important notes) in the hands of the student, all are due to the advancement of the technology and in simple words, positive impact of technology in education cannot be explained in a single article. Technology has changed our lives in a million different ways and we cannot imagine life without tech gadgets and other useful devices even for a single moment.

In this era of internet and technology, students can easily learn their lessons, can find solutions for educational problems and most importantly can manage their education activities and assignments in better way than before because of the technology. Let we try to explain the positive impact on technology on education by providing some practical examples below:

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1)   Research:

If a school’s library is out of date or there are not relevant books available which a student wants then a student may find difficulty if he/she want to research and write an essay on any given topic. But if a school has a computer lab then it is easy for the student to go there and use the internet digital encyclopedias to obtain the research he/she need.

2)    Globalization:

In the 20th century it is not possible for the students of different states or country to meet each other but with the invention of technology the students of the different state, country or world even can connect with each other and can “meet” their counterparts through video conferencing without leaving the classroom.

3)    Educational Games:

In junior classes many teachers expose children to computers through different educational games.in this way by playing games student can also learn different things like spelling, counting and other educational lessons through computer games which benefits them in both ways learning and enjoying while playing games.

4)   Improved Student-Teacher Interaction:

Technology has improved the student and teacher interaction very impressively. Now many teachers use many technological aids to connect with their students. In now a days teachers remain in contact with their students through e-mails and services like drop box that allows you to upload and share the content with a large number of people.

5)    Instant Access to Information:

You can access the information in a couple of seconds like counting 123….yeah that’s now all Information is now in the palm of our hand.  Now you don’t have to go for textbooks or reading newspapers etc.

6)     E-books:

E-books help us to gid rid of textbooks and from lifting their weight as well. We can take any E-book online simply download it and read it without being putting in our bag or lifting its weight.

7)     Web Seminars:

Web seminars are playing very important role in developing students knowledge. Because many schools can’t arrange the on field trips related to course of study due to financial issues so in this way the student education can suffer a lot. But now with the technological aspect, the students can use the internet to virtually attend the web seminars put on by different educational institutions.

8)    Students with Special Needs:

According to a research, many students need special attention and special needs. It has been observed that many students with special needs don’t focus in a traditional classroom environment. So there are numerous of applications come up in the market hat seek to initiate such students into the mainstream by facilitating and enabling them with digital educational aids. Computer technology and e-learning activities helped students in many ways specifically in bridging the gap between special need students and regular one students.

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