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Tech Gadgets For Fitness And Health



Tech Gadgets For Fitness And Health

In this article, I will guide you about the thing which is very important for people and many people are very conscious about it. That factor is health and fitness. As we know that over the years technology has occupied in all the things and it is also playing very important role in health and fitness as well. Over the past few years, the apps and gadgets covered all aspects of human lives. In the same way over the past years, the innovation around health and fitness gadgets has exploded. Let you read some astonishing facts about best tech gadgets for fitness and health.

The Skulpt Aim

It is a great fitness app and an alternative to using mirrors, tape measures, and weighing scales to measure fitness.

The Koto Air

It is a small device which measures the air quality in your home and office. This is particularly for those who suffer from allergies. It alerts you when there is dust moisture or pollutions exists.

 FOOD Sniffer

This is a device which is made specifically for food conscious peoples. This device tells you what to eat like if you are afraid of something it will tell you whether to eat it or not is it safe for your or not.

This is available for android phone and windows phone as well.


It is the app which is made for tracking heart rate, sleep patterns, tracks snoring movement and environment. The beauty of this product is that it isn’t wearable like most similar devices because the tracker is placed under your bed sheets which are synced with the Beddit mobile app, allowing you to see your overall quality of sleep.

This is available for Android.


Trace is an app which is specifically built for sportsmen. It tracks the speed maximum height and the tricks which you have landed and all of your data is synced with a smartphone app. Many joggers use this app to keep the track of their running their breathing level and the place from where they start and where they end.

Sound Hawk Listening System

It is tech device which can improve your standard of life. It’s called a Smart Listening System as well. It is developed for the people who have the difficulty of understanding speech in the noisy environment, people having difficulty in conversation over distances. Anyone who is suffering from hearing something can take benefit from this app.

This is a little expensive gadget as compare to other but because of its facilities, it is very popular among people. This is available for both Android and for iPhone as well.

iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter

It is blood glucose app which directly connects with your phone. It allows you track glucose level over longer periods.

Then results are displayed in logbook tables, graphs allowing you to see that what food items are affecting your blood sugar. You can take precautions as well by seeing the result that which food you should take and which not.

one of the flaws for this device that it is only available for IOS, it is not available for Android.

Sensoria Smart Sock

This app is designed for the runner. The Sensoria Smart Sock tells you how well you’ve been running and how to improve your performance over time. All of your data is synced with your smartphone.

It is available for both Android and iPhone as well.

Although there are many tech gadgets for fitness and health I have gathered some useful apps which covering everything and mostly common nowadays and also they have good reviews as compared to other apps

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Apps and Gadgets That Really Help You Relax




Apps and Gadgets That Really Help You Relax

It seems that everyone’s life these days is moving on a fast track. People have a better focus on their careers these days and they have clear goals about their future and jobs. Not always but sometimes it happens that your career and professional goals overcome the other important aspects of your life i.e. personal life, social circle and more important; sleep and relaxation time. It’s a common habit of most people to spend all day in the office working on a computer and when they finally get off work, they tend to go online and reconnect with the social media apps. This results in the constant use of technology and gadgets like laptop and mobile throughout the day.
Technology has its benefits for the human race but it also has its setbacks. With the modern era of smartphones, social media platforms, and internet, it seems people have less time to put down their phone and relax for a while. Making your mind comfortable and relax is an important aspect of your life. You may not think of it as a vital part of your life to have a relaxed and peaceful sleep at night but without proper sleep, your body won’t have enough energy to work the next day. It sounds like a pretty good idea to keep technology and social media out of your bedroom to relax but sometimes, these gadgets can help you achieve inner peace and optimum relaxation.

Useful Link: Best Health and Fitness Apps


This is a popular sleeping and relaxing app that you can use on your smartphone. This application has a wide variety of peaceful sounds and the idea is to achieve peace of mind by playing and focusing on these sounds. It’s not only for sleeping at night but if you want to meditate during the daytime, it can help you relax with ease.

Sleep Cycle:

When was the last time that you woke up by the alarm sound and it made your head hurt for a while? It seems very common these days that people complain about having headaches and mode swings after awakening by the alarm clock in the morning. Sleep cycle is a popular application that helps to track your sleep and other habits i.e. sleep level, discomfort, snoring, and cycles. With this data, this application finds the perfect interval to help you wake up during light sleep cycle so you wake up naturally.

Sleep Genius:

There are hundreds of applications and gadgets that claim to be very useful for meditation and peaceful sleep at night but most of them have the same nature sounds and there is nothing new or innovative to it. Hearing to oceanic sounds can help you relax and go to sleep but sometimes it seems more complicated than that. For those who want to use something better that knows when to play specific sounds to relax your mind with ease can try Sleep Genius. This is a popular application that astronauts use in space to sleep with playing specific sounds.

Useful Link: Tech Gadgets For Fitness And Health

Muse Headband:

Muse Headband is a very popular gadget that can read the signals from your brain and help it relax and meditate. Before going to bed, you need to put on the headband and it will track the nerve moments of your brain and send the data to the platform on your smartphone. It then plays meditation sounds to help you relax and go to sleep peacefully. With the track of your brain, this gadget knows what sound to play at different levels of falling to sleep.

Sleep Monitor:

Usually, when you need to track the moments of your brain or your body’s activities after you go to sleep, you are required to wear some kind of gadget or put on some sensors but with Sleep Monitor, it is not necessary. This is a gadget that stays on your side table and tracks your moments at night. It passes the data to the smartphone and you can check your sleep pattern later. It also has special sensors to detect if sometimes bothers you at night i.e. room temperature or night light.

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Ways Modern Technology is Affecting Human Behavior




Modern Technology is Affecting Human Behavior

Today Technology has become more powerful than it was years ago. The importance of technology is to speak themselves like most of the people situation is like they cannot exist without technology. We can assume it like many of our work colleagues or teenage child who realize they need to spend some time without mobile phones when they feel they are on the limit of the nervous breakdown.

The current generation that is yet to be born living in the modern world where the technologies have become their life easier like the communication with people around the world is much easier now than before.

Technology in today’s world is needful to live in a modern environment like the Internet, cell phones and computers these are our daily use technologies.There is no doubt these the invention of these advancements is mind-blowing, but there is another face is how they have changed the society’s behavior also worthless.

Social networks are one of the main affected networks on human behavior, how you feel without Facebook creeping, relationships and love at first swipe?

Social networking sites have both positive and negative uses as well. When you find your long-lost friend on social media feels amazing but on the other side when you gathered with family and friend but the mobile use keeps you are absent from family while using cell phones.

Technology is Affecting Human Behavior

On the other site: technology has some great benefits like you got an idea and you want to share it others or want to promote it will public whether is political, creative or on entertainment, the Internet is an easy way to do this in some simple steps. This doesn’t require to be a politician or a movie star the World Wide Web is a great way which is accessible to everyone now.

We just not limited to share our ideas on the Internet it is also a platform where people can engage with those ideas and help you to expand them. Additionally, on the websites we can share our ideas and videos on YouTube.

Keep in touch: with family and friends is one of the main edge of modern technology we can contact our beloved ones with FaceTime, Instagram, Facebook, Email, Skype and many other social platforms. Many of us are constantly using these platforms and highly aware from that technologies.

The distance is now doesn’t matter how long it is, people no longer need to rely on snail mail to send their letters. They can even make a video call to see each other on chat apps. This is true it will never be the same as face to face interactions but it now it makes everything easy to communicates with each other than past old methods.

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10 Gadgets to Keep You Warm Through Winter




10 Gadgets to Keep You Warm Through Winter

Every season comes with a lot of good stuff to face the whole season and keep you healthy all the way. Same as winter also effects on the human body with cold winds, but there are many ways to keep you healthy and survive the circumstances. Here are top 10 gadgets to keep you warm through winter.

1. USB Electric Heating Blanket


usb heat blanket


So, you are working in that office where your boss keeps the heat slow and you have to hang out there all day in like a cold wind? So that problem is no longer you can use USB Heating Blanket that will just use your PC USB port. It has a heating pad inside of blanket, the measurement of the blanket is 33 inches length and 18 inches width wise the most beneficial thing is that you can remove the heating pad and wash the blanket when you need.

2. Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves


Double layered touchscreen gloves


Gloves outsider layers are not made out of wool, which acts as the real human body feeling to the touchscreen. The inside of the gloves is made of the original leather which will keep you to hold the things strongly and anti-slip.

These can be used a snow falling day while outing to enjoy the weather. You can use these gloves in water and can be washable at normal temperature.

3. USB Heated Mouse


USB Warmer Mouse


Winter is mostly affects on hands so with cold hands you were unable to do things with the right way you feel like you don’t have good circulation in your hands. Now with a computer mouse, you can easily warm up your hands until you are working. This heated mouse can steam temperature up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You can adjust the heat by the scroll button downside of the mouse.

4. Hand Warming Smartphone Case


Hand Warming Smartphone Case


With this Winter Case, you can enjoy to use to mobile and hold it as you feel good no matter how cold outside is. Just put the case on mobile and boom.  The edge is when you are on call it takes the temperature to normal.

5. Power USB Heat Slippers


USB Heating Slippers


As we all know in winter feet are always freezing mode. With these heating slippers, you just have to put the USB jack into the port. While working it keeps you warm as you adjust the temperature you need.

6. Ember Ceramic Coffee Mug


Ember Ceramic Coffee Mug


It doesn’t matter if it looks like a typical old mug, but it has a feature which other don’t have. It comes with a connected coaster, you can just be able to adjust the temperature as you want to taste your beverage.

7. USB Warm Mouse Pad


USB Warm Mouse Pad


This warm mouse pad is best for winter gadget which keeps the hand warm while working. It is the best thing that you can buy on Amazon or in your local market.

8. Nose Warmer


Nose Warmer


Your nose feels cold all day and you are uncomfortable all night, we have the solution to this problem. Put the nose warmer (the knitted loops are behind the ears) which will keep the nose warmer even outside. It is purely made of warm wool.

9. Hot + Cool Fan Heater


Hot + Cool Fan Heater



Here is the cold weather gift which is really expensive. A very little portable Hot and Cool fan which can be easily hand-carry anywhere. This is a bladeless fan and is connected to a charging port, it also not having any visible blade inside it.

10. Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar


Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar


While office hour we can use small gadgets to warm up hands and feet but the question is how to warm your whole body? Here is the best-heated seat cushion which can be used on any kind of charges just you have to plug the set the temperature where you feel comfortable on it. It can be connected to the car cigarette lighter connector.

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