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Time by Time, Incredible innovation on technology is happening in the field of weight loss. Technology experts are searching to make the more safety and easy tools which help the people to loss weight with less struggle. There are so many technologies for weight management, but the question is which one do I choose? Here are the best weight loss technologies and tools.

Smart Scale:

A Smart scale is an app which is used to track your weight and log very quickly to what direction your weight loss is going. It is connected with your iPhone or Android. Basically, it helps you to get an idea of how much weight you are gaining and how much you are keeps all the logs of your weight.

Lose It Scale:

The Lose It Scale is an app which is used to tracks weights body fat and hydration levels. It is connected to your phone through Bluetooth to wirelessly track your weight. All your data tracks by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

In addition to this, this app also tracks your heart rate when you step on it to add to your health data.

UA Health Box:

UA Health Box is an app which is used for fitness tracker, heart and pulse rate and monitor your weight as well. It is a Wi-Fi smart scale app.

The tools above combine with the UA Record app to deliver a 24/7 look at your overall fitness and health from workouts and weight to nutrition and heart rate. This app is available for both iPhone and Android as well.

Fitbit’s Blaze:

It is an app which keeps the track of your weight and heart rate. Also, it has 15 specific types of exercise. The device can automatically start tracking your exercise when you start going, without the need to choose a workout and tell it to start and stop tracking you. It is available for iPhone and Android as well

IBGStar Blood Glucose Meter:

It is blood glucose app which directly connects with your phone. It allows you track glucose level over longer periods. One of the flaws of this app that is only available for iPhone not for androids.

The Apple Watch:

It is another great app for losing weight. The Apple Watch app tracks the steps activity and reminds you to stand up and move every hour

It is a very handy reminder app which gives you notifications and alerts when to move when to walk. The watch also tracks workouts indoors and out and users can pair Bluetooth headphones to it to listen to music without carrying an iPhone on a workout.

The Sony Smartwatch 3:

It is an Android Wear app that connects with Android smartphones to deliver notifications on your wrist and track your of the most important feature of this app that this Android watch has built in GPS. With GPS built-in users can track a workout without taking a phone, and get the full GPS data.

Great Bluetooth Headphones:

If you want to get serious about running, working out and lifting weights you will soon tire of cords getting in your way. To get past this you should invest in a great pair of Bluetooth headphones for working out.


It is the app which is made for tracking heart rate, sleep patterns, tracks snoring movement and environment. The beauty of this product is that it isn’t wearable like most similar devices because the tracker is placed under your bed sheets which are synced with the Bendit mobile app, allowing you to see your overall quality of sleep.

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