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It seems that everyone’s life these days is moving on a fast track. People have a better focus on their careers these days and they have clear goals about their future and jobs. Not always but sometimes it happens that your career and professional goals overcome the other important aspects of your life i.e. personal life, social circle and more important; sleep and relaxation time. It’s a common habit of most people to spend all day in the office working on a computer and when they finally get off work, they tend to go online and reconnect with the social media apps. This results in the constant use of technology and gadgets like laptop and mobile throughout the day.
Technology has its benefits for the human race but it also has its setbacks. With the modern era of smartphones, social media platforms, and internet, it seems people have less time to put down their phone and relax for a while. Making your mind comfortable and relax is an important aspect of your life. You may not think of it as a vital part of your life to have a relaxed and peaceful sleep at night but without proper sleep, your body won’t have enough energy to work the next day. It sounds like a pretty good idea to keep technology and social media out of your bedroom to relax but sometimes, these gadgets can help you achieve inner peace and optimum relaxation.

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This is a popular sleeping and relaxing app that you can use on your smartphone. This application has a wide variety of peaceful sounds and the idea is to achieve peace of mind by playing and focusing on these sounds. It’s not only for sleeping at night but if you want to meditate during the daytime, it can help you relax with ease.

Sleep Cycle:

When was the last time that you woke up by the alarm sound and it made your head hurt for a while? It seems very common these days that people complain about having headaches and mode swings after awakening by the alarm clock in the morning. Sleep cycle is a popular application that helps to track your sleep and other habits i.e. sleep level, discomfort, snoring, and cycles. With this data, this application finds the perfect interval to help you wake up during light sleep cycle so you wake up naturally.

Sleep Genius:

There are hundreds of applications and gadgets that claim to be very useful for meditation and peaceful sleep at night but most of them have the same nature sounds and there is nothing new or innovative to it. Hearing to oceanic sounds can help you relax and go to sleep but sometimes it seems more complicated than that. For those who want to use something better that knows when to play specific sounds to relax your mind with ease can try Sleep Genius. This is a popular application that astronauts use in space to sleep with playing specific sounds.

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Muse Headband:

Muse Headband is a very popular gadget that can read the signals from your brain and help it relax and meditate. Before going to bed, you need to put on the headband and it will track the nerve moments of your brain and send the data to the platform on your smartphone. It then plays meditation sounds to help you relax and go to sleep peacefully. With the track of your brain, this gadget knows what sound to play at different levels of falling to sleep.

Sleep Monitor:

Usually, when you need to track the moments of your brain or your body’s activities after you go to sleep, you are required to wear some kind of gadget or put on some sensors but with Sleep Monitor, it is not necessary. This is a gadget that stays on your side table and tracks your moments at night. It passes the data to the smartphone and you can check your sleep pattern later. It also has special sensors to detect if sometimes bothers you at night i.e. room temperature or night light.

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