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Every season comes with a lot of good stuff to face the whole season and keep you healthy all the way. Same as winter also effects on the human body with cold winds, but there are many ways to keep you healthy and survive the circumstances. Here are top 10 gadgets to keep you warm through winter.

1. USB Electric Heating Blanket


usb heat blanket


So, you are working in that office where your boss keeps the heat slow and you have to hang out there all day in like a cold wind? So that problem is no longer you can use USB Heating Blanket that will just use your PC USB port. It has a heating pad inside of blanket, the measurement of the blanket is 33 inches length and 18 inches width wise the most beneficial thing is that you can remove the heating pad and wash the blanket when you need.

2. Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves


Double layered touchscreen gloves


Gloves outsider layers are not made out of wool, which acts as the real human body feeling to the touchscreen. The inside of the gloves is made of the original leather which will keep you to hold the things strongly and anti-slip.

These can be used a snow falling day while outing to enjoy the weather. You can use these gloves in water and can be washable at normal temperature.

3. USB Heated Mouse


USB Warmer Mouse


Winter is mostly affects on hands so with cold hands you were unable to do things with the right way you feel like you don’t have good circulation in your hands. Now with a computer mouse, you can easily warm up your hands until you are working. This heated mouse can steam temperature up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You can adjust the heat by the scroll button downside of the mouse.

4. Hand Warming Smartphone Case


Hand Warming Smartphone Case


With this Winter Case, you can enjoy to use to mobile and hold it as you feel good no matter how cold outside is. Just put the case on mobile and boom.  The edge is when you are on call it takes the temperature to normal.

5. Power USB Heat Slippers


USB Heating Slippers


As we all know in winter feet are always freezing mode. With these heating slippers, you just have to put the USB jack into the port. While working it keeps you warm as you adjust the temperature you need.

6. Ember Ceramic Coffee Mug


Ember Ceramic Coffee Mug


It doesn’t matter if it looks like a typical old mug, but it has a feature which other don’t have. It comes with a connected coaster, you can just be able to adjust the temperature as you want to taste your beverage.

7. USB Warm Mouse Pad


USB Warm Mouse Pad


This warm mouse pad is best for winter gadget which keeps the hand warm while working. It is the best thing that you can buy on Amazon or in your local market.

8. Nose Warmer


Nose Warmer


Your nose feels cold all day and you are uncomfortable all night, we have the solution to this problem. Put the nose warmer (the knitted loops are behind the ears) which will keep the nose warmer even outside. It is purely made of warm wool.

9. Hot + Cool Fan Heater


Hot + Cool Fan Heater



Here is the cold weather gift which is really expensive. A very little portable Hot and Cool fan which can be easily hand-carry anywhere. This is a bladeless fan and is connected to a charging port, it also not having any visible blade inside it.

10. Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar


Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar


While office hour we can use small gadgets to warm up hands and feet but the question is how to warm your whole body? Here is the best-heated seat cushion which can be used on any kind of charges just you have to plug the set the temperature where you feel comfortable on it. It can be connected to the car cigarette lighter connector.

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