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Most people start writing blogs because they want to get paid online either as a side income or as a proper earning profession. These are the bloggers who start the blog by keeping this basic idea in minds that sooner or later, they want to start earning money from the blog. Then there is another group of people who just write in a blog to socialize with people, interact with the users and help others with the information they have. Even if they didn’t want to earn any money in the beginning, as soon they realize their blog is getting a good amount of users, they also want to get paid.

In order to start earning from your blog or website, you need to apply for Google Adsense account. When you make this formal request, Google evaluates your blog and either approves it or rejects the request. Some people think that it’s just luck to be approved in the first attempt but actually, there is a specific set of rules that you can follow to be approved by Google Adsense.

Checklist for Applying for Google Adsense:

1.       Check Quality of Your Blog Content:

If you have just started writing in a blog website and you want to apply for Google Adsense, the most important thing to consider is to check what the quality of your posts is. You can copy posts from other blogs just to add more posts in your blog but if the content is not unique, Google will reject your request. If the content is not explained properly or if you didn’t check the content for grammatical mistakes, you can’t qualify for Adsense. Same like that, there is a proper method for the layout of your posts i.e. a specific number of bullet points, lists and headings with top quality keywords.

2.       Add Multiple Posts Before Applying:

If your blog is new or if there are just a few posts on your blog, Google won’t consider it as a valid blog. Before applying for Google Adsense, your blog needs to have multiple authenticated posts whether it’s written content or video tutorials. The important thing to do is to spend quality time with your blog and add as many unique posts as possible so when Google Adsense evaluates your blog, it seems well reputed. This high number of posts will also result in more traffic to your blog.

3.       Check If the Design is Adsense Friendly:

The good thing about WordPress or free blog templates is that you don’t need to have any special development or design skills and you can instantly setup your own blog within minutes but the problem starts when you apply for Google Adsense, the crawler rejects the design because it’s not clean coded or not user-friendly. The better thing to do is to get a premium or paid blog design that is appropriate and certified for Google Adsense.

4.       Without Privacy Policy, It’s Useless:

A private policy is a separate page that you need to add in your blog. In this page, you can add the terms and conditions for the visitors and users. It can be as simple as informing the visitors how they need to interact with the website, what rights they have and the things they are not supposed to do. The thing is that when you apply for Google Adsense, it checks the privacy page and if your blog doesn’t have any, the crawler won’t even consider the content, design or traffic of your blog.

5.       Add Required Pages On the Blog:

Other pages that you need to add in your blog before applying for Google Adsense include contacting us page, terms and condition page, sitemap page and the introduction page. Google Adsense also considers these pages before approving your request. These are very simple pages and even if your writing skills are not good, you can easily create these pages by yourself.

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