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Women In The IT Industry



Women in the IT industry

It’s been so long that we have seen someone else’s face on the world’s top women in the IT industry other than Sheryl Sandberg. She is not only at 7th position in 100 most powerful women in the world but she also has a net worth of $1.4 billion and at the top of all, she is the COO at Facebook. Working for one of the most valuable brands in this world but she is also working for the welfare of women in the workplace by securing their work environment and appreciating their efforts so more and more females will follow the top leading women in the world. But the situation was not the same a few years back when IT industry potentially blocked the way of females as developers, coders and IT engineers. It took a lot of time for the IT industry to see the potential in women and realize that by stopping half the population in this world, they are not going to be the same and that’s when it all changed for women.

Today we can see thousands of girls going into IT industry and getting their degrees and diplomas in IT engineering, software engineering, and software development. Initially, it was thought that developers are always geeked looking men who wear big glasses and sit on their couches all day long developing software and websites but this perception has changed now. The women we are seeing in IT industry these days are not only smart, intelligent but they are also professional looking and sophisticated. This is what helped to change the whole face of the IT industry and making it one of the biggest attractions for females.

Top Women in IT industry:

1.       Carolyn Duran (Intel):

What’s amazing about Duran is that even if she is working in Intel as Supply Chain Director but she is most famous for being responsible for ending slavery in many areas in third world countries. At Intel, she is the head of the supply chain management and what she does the best is to end the use of conflict materials in IT. Not everyone knows it but just like Blood Diamond, there is also a concept of getting raw material for information technology in the same manner and as the head of supply chain management, she is the one who refused to accept and use any of such material from underdeveloped countries. Inside the company, she also has her own team that is responsible for making sure that all the raw materials being used in the technology fulfill chemical laws and regulations around the world.

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2.       Tal Rabin (IBM):

Starting with her educational career, Rabin was one of those students who solved a math problem just like we see in the movies. She doesn’t explain it to everyone about what kind of problem it was but it was something that others couldn’t solve. At IBM, she leads a team who are responsible for creating a completely new way to secure data on computers. This will not only revolutionize the way computers are made but it will also allow the users to feel more secure and spend less money on the data safety process. She is one of those who has a doctorate degree in computer sciences and she tries to use it as much as she can in innovation and invention.

3.       Merline Saintil (Yahoo):

Not most people know it but Yahoo is going to be one of the top leading mobile phone manufacturers very soon and it’s already on its way to top by developing new and innovative mobile phone models. These new models are not revealed to general consumers yet but it’s going to happen very soon. Saintil is one of the key members at Yahoo who is taking the key role in developing these technologies at Yahoo. Previously she has worked in top organizations including PayPal, Adobe and Sun Microsystems.

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The Most Important Tech Trends of 2018




The Most Important Tech Trend of 2018

Technology in the 20th century has changed the lifestyle, every new innovation brings a lot of new things who make our lives easy to sort out our routine problems. These innovations effect on multiple sectors like as a small business owner, being different trends in technology can help your business with the latest hardware and software to improve efficiency.

This is the time now again and 2017 is over before we knew it. This Year of Intelligence presented to us a lot of advance progress and change. At the dawn of 2018, we have already seen many of the new inventions in which Wireless charging, auto driven cars, robots that can do work as humans and many more new things.

Fifth Generation (5G)

Till now users are familiar with 4G (fourth generation) technology or they might be known it as LTE cellular service. 5G is the fifth generation of cellular capability. Cellular was released on the 1980s as 1G or analog cellular. As we know 5G will be the latest technology in future so it will be faster speeds than 4G LTE. 4G max data transfer time is about to 50 milliseconds, which is the faster than 3G services. According to Huawei 5G will transfer data around 1 millisecond.

This invention is considered as a major development in the internet world. It will support the limited number of devices which has the ability to deliver data as fast as 5G can deliver. All of the major telecommunication companies said that they are already working hard on the development of this technology to provide it to their users ASAP and have start testing and implementing it in 2018.


In the current life, we are using Wi-Fi at their places with normal speeds and some of the countries they have a nice speed of internet connection. Li-Fi was invented in 2011 from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland by Harald Haas. Li-Fi speed is recorded in the lab of 224 gigabits per second – which means a user can download 18 movies of 1.5 GB each in every single second.

Li-Fi is a new light-based wireless connection, it has 100 times faster data transfer speed than Wi-Fi. As Li-Fi is invented a few years ago but it is still in testing process it is not available in the market for the normal users. Rumors prediction in 2018 we will see a Li-Fi connection as normal as we are using Wi-Fi.


3D Printers on Every Desk

In the office, everyone has normal printers (Inkjet and laser printers) where they can just print plain papers with color and black and white. But within the past few years, 3D printers have launched and till know it is not accessible by everyone. A small number of 3D printers and in the market just because of overpriced and unreliable to affordable and easy buyable for the average consumer to use.

The demand of the 3D printers is going high this year because the manufacturing companies already working to produce a large number of printers so the price may go down and it will be affordable for the average users. Soon 3D printers will be as common as desktop printers in offices.

Touchless Interface

Technology is coming with unbelievable inventions in which one of the extreme levels is touchless interface. However, some of the gadgets need some kind of physical interfaces in order to work. Yes, in 2018 this will change with a focus on the “touchless” interface. Imagine you have to call or send a message someone you don’t need to hold the phone and task it manually you simply order to your virtual assistant and it begins perform your order.

The users are already familiar with these inventions like Bixby, Siri, Amazon Alexa and other virtual assistants which the main purpose is the start train us to no longer uses of hands and fingers. Face ID (Facial Recognition) is one of the latest technology in iPhone X where the user is no longer need to scan their finger to unlock the phone they just have to scan the face on access to the phone.

Friendly Robots

Yes, there are many kinds of robot already on the market but they can do those things only for those they made for. They can’t take a decision by self, they must need in order to do anything. In 2018, robots won’t be just that lower ability to do things. They can be friendly behavior with us and talking discussion be like a real human. They won’t just be for housework only, they can also provide entertainment and help you in work.

Many of the automotive companies made their own robots to showcasing robotic concepts that hinge on AI assisting humans in which Honda is one of them.

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Difference Between a Trend and a Fad




Difference between a Fad and a Trend

Trends and fads are some things that play a very important role in the success and progress of any organization and industry. This is something very common that most people make the mistake of considering trends and fads as the same thing where in reality, they are completely different. In the beginning, it might seem that fad is just another form of a trend but in reality, a trend is much more sustainable and long-lasting than a fad. Someone might think that whether these are different or the same, why it matters? But the important thing to understand for business owners and organizations is that if you adapt to a wrong approach in order to market or advertise your business, it can put your organization at risk or it can also result into a big disaster. In order to understand the difference between fad and trend and to evaluate their features, it’s better to review them side by side.

A fad is something that is started so quickly that before you know it, the entire population is following that behavior. This can be anything from wearing a particular piece of garment to saying something to behaving in a specific way. This behavior catches on very quickly and people start following it without over thinking about it. If a business wants to use a fad for their marketing or introducing something new in the market, it can bring lots of changes to the overall progress but the important thing to keep in mind is that this is not going to last forever. A very common saying about the fad is that it is something that comes quickly and fades very even faster. You can bring a little change to your business with a fad but keep in mind that this will fade away very soon so you need to prepare your business for that time when it actually happens. For instance, the wholesale dealers who thought that waterbeds are in trend and people will keep using them for decades were wrong. That was a fad and because of that, it didn’t stick for long. The businesses that focused on this fad as a trend went bankrupt very soon.

Now when we talk about a trend, it’s a completely different story. The most important thing about a trend is that it doesn’t just come quickly but it takes more time to influence people and because the effect is slow, it stays longer even after decades. Trends are something that doesn’t only change the behavior but it actually solves a problem as well. The best part of a trend is that with time, it gets stronger and as more and more people start adopting it, it becomes more useful for them. A trend not only helps solve the problems but it also broads the vision and thinking powers of people to realize what problems they have and how they can solve them with something new i.e. a trend. If you want to look at some common trends, it includes the use of mobile phones, smoking e-cigarettes and connecting with people over social media platforms. Mobile phones are in trend for years and by the technology development, it seems that it will stick for decades before something so advanced and innovative comes along that actually replaces a mobile phone.

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Ways to Monetize Your Writing Skills



Ways to monetize your writing skills

We all start learning about life by first listening, understanding and then reading. This eventually makes us skilled enough to speak and write. Most of us don’t have this in mind that when we grow up, we will be a professional writer but it happens more frequently than you might think. The era of finding a job in a big corporation is getting over. It’s becoming easier and easier to get a job online and start doing work right from your home. The most common type of online job is to become a freelance writer. This doesn’t only mean you will write books but it can be anything from writing a blog to an article to creating content for a website or even designing slogans for fortune companies and big corporations.

Due to the heavy competition on the internet, you can’t always rely on what you have already learned. You need to stay up to date with what’s going on around the world and how writers are changing their way of creating content these days. Evaluating your writing skills and monetizing it is very important for getting a good reputation on the internet. This reputation will not only get you more frequent jobs but as your credibility increases, it can also result in high value and more payable jobs for you.

Effective Techniques to Monetize Your Writing Skills:

1.       Getting Content for Reading:

It seems something that most people won’t consider but actually when you read regularly; it also affects your writing skills. With reading more frequently, you can help your brain memorize more information and details and ultimately this will help you write in a better manner. On the internet, there are always new websites and people seeking work and most of them want to become writers. The good thing about that is you can help them by going through their content and it can ultimately benefit you with your own writing skills. Search on the internet and see who is willing to pay you some money for reading their content. This can only include proofreading or it can be more complicated like grammar checking, content verification and even making changes where it’s required.

2.       Create a WordPress Blog:

When you are a professional writer, it doesn’t mean you will spend all of your week days working and writing for someone. There will be some days when you won’t be able to find any work or job as a freelancer and that sometimes can be frustrating. What you should do in your spare time is to create a simple blog i.e. WordPress website and just start posting on it. This will help you regulate your writing skills and who knows if your blog actually starts getting frequent traffic; it can be an extra source of income for you.

3.       Writing for Other Blogs and Websites:

There are millions of blogs on the internet and even if you think that the owner or admin is writing each and every word by himself, it’s not true sometimes. Most of the bloggers prefer writing their own content but some also seek professional help from freelance writers. You can look for these jobs on the internet and this will enhance your writing skills as well as be keeping you updated with what’s going on around the world i.e. current topics to write and big news from other countries along with enabling you to earn some easy money.

4.       Contribute to Article Writing:

Writing for someone or some company not always means you will get paid. If you are at the beginning of your writing career, you should just look for paid jobs but whatever you can get to enhance and improve your writing skills is beneficial for you. There are websites and blogs on the internet where owners ask for professional writers to contribute for free. Here you can write your own article or you can contribute to someone else’s work by adding something in it. Ultimately this will help you monetize your writing skills.

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