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Technology in the 20th century has changed the lifestyle, every new innovation brings a lot of new things who make our lives easy to sort out our routine problems. These innovations effect on multiple sectors like as a small business owner, being different trends in technology can help your business with the latest hardware and software to improve efficiency.

This is the time now again and 2017 is over before we knew it. This Year of Intelligence presented to us a lot of advance progress and change. At the dawn of 2018, we have already seen many of the new inventions in which Wireless charging, auto driven cars, robots that can do work as humans and many more new things.


Fifth Generation (5G)

Till now users are familiar with 4G (fourth generation) technology or they might be known it as LTE cellular service. 5G is the fifth generation of cellular capability. Cellular was released on the 1980s as 1G or analog cellular. As we know 5G will be the latest technology in future so it will be faster speeds than 4G LTE. 4G max data transfer time is about to 50 milliseconds, which is the faster than 3G services. According to Huawei 5G will transfer data around 1 millisecond.

This invention is considered as a major development in the internet world. It will support the limited number of devices which has the ability to deliver data as fast as 5G can deliver. All of the major telecommunication companies said that they are already working hard on the development of this technology to provide it to their users ASAP and have start testing and implementing it in 2018.



In the current life, we are using Wi-Fi at their places with normal speeds and some of the countries they have a nice speed of internet connection. Li-Fi was invented in 2011 from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland by Harald Haas. Li-Fi speed is recorded in the lab of 224 gigabits per second – which means a user can download 18 movies of 1.5 GB each in every single second.

Li-Fi is a new light-based wireless connection, it has 100 times faster data transfer speed than Wi-Fi. As Li-Fi is invented a few years ago but it is still in testing process it is not available in the market for the normal users. Rumors prediction in 2018 we will see a Li-Fi connection as normal as we are using Wi-Fi.



3D Printers on Every Desk

In the office, everyone has normal printers (Inkjet and laser printers) where they can just print plain papers with color and black and white. But within the past few years, 3D printers have launched and till know it is not accessible by everyone. A small number of 3D printers and in the market just because of overpriced and unreliable to affordable and easy buyable for the average consumer to use.

The demand of the 3D printers is going high this year because the manufacturing companies already working to produce a large number of printers so the price may go down and it will be affordable for the average users. Soon 3D printers will be as common as desktop printers in offices.


Touchless Interface

Technology is coming with unbelievable inventions in which one of the extreme levels is touchless interface. However, some of the gadgets need some kind of physical interfaces in order to work. Yes, in 2018 this will change with a focus on the “touchless” interface. Imagine you have to call or send a message someone you don’t need to hold the phone and task it manually you simply order to your virtual assistant and it begins perform your order.

The users are already familiar with these inventions like Bixby, Siri, Amazon Alexa and other virtual assistants which the main purpose is the start train us to no longer uses of hands and fingers. Face ID (Facial Recognition) is one of the latest technology in iPhone X where the user is no longer need to scan their finger to unlock the phone they just have to scan the face on access to the phone.


Friendly Robots

Yes, there are many kinds of robot already on the market but they can do those things only for those they made for. They can’t take a decision by self, they must need in order to do anything. In 2018, robots won’t be just that lower ability to do things. They can be friendly behavior with us and talking discussion be like a real human. They won’t just be for housework only, they can also provide entertainment and help you in work.

Many of the automotive companies made their own robots to showcasing robotic concepts that hinge on AI assisting humans in which Honda is one of them.

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