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From inappropriate room temperature to mosquitoes to noise outside, there are dozens of things that can ruin a good night sleep. Not getting proper sleep at night might affect your morning next day and even if everything goes smoothly, you can’t deny the pleasure you get after hitting the snooze button in the morning and going back to sleep for 5 or 10 minutes. Usually, it’s not a problem to get a couple of minutes of extra sleep time in the morning but when you have a tight schedule, you should get all the help you want to make sure you use the time efficiently without any possible delays.

There are hundreds of gadgets and applications that can help you maximize your morning routine and allow you to use the time without any waste. From an efficient alarm clock that wakes you up when you are in light sleep circle to the application that sets home temperature automatically before you wake up to the coffee machines that starts brewing coffee right when you get out of the shower, there are practically unlimited options for you to choose from. Below is the list of some of the top applications and gadgets that will not only help you get up on time but will help you boost instant energy as well.

Best Apps and Gadgets to Speed Up Your Morning Routine:

The Runaway Clock on Wheels:

If you are one of those who always have difficulty getting up in the morning on time because they hit the snooze button instead of opening their eyes, this runaway alarm clock can be a helpful tool. The basic idea behind this clock is to get you on feet because after that, it will be almost impossible to go back to bed and sleep. As soon the alarm starts ringing, it runs away from the bed and makes you follow it, find it and then hit the stop button.

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This tool is specially designed for those who want to achieve exact results after an exercise session. This is not a typical gadget that counts your footsteps or calorie burn rate but it helps you perform exercise routines perfectly at the gym. It calculates and monitors the moment of your muscles and if you are doing an exercise wrong, it will not only inform you but will also tell you why the exercise technique is not right and how it’s putting pressure or strain on wrong muscles.

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker:

Listening to your favorite music while taking a bath can make a huge difference to set your mood for the entire day. With these Bluetooth shower speakers, you can make your morning shower routine exciting and interesting. These speakers are surely waterproof so no need to worry about water damage and along with getting signals from your mobile or tablet, you can also tune your favorite radio station in the shower.

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Sony Smart B Trainer:

These are not like any other MP3 player with just music but additionally, there is much more to it. With this single gadget, you can listen to your favorite music while working out and it has dozens of sensors to monitor your exercise routine. This will also update you about your body temperature, heart rate, accelerometer, compass and GPS. It’s almost impossible to imagine how much this small gadget can do for you.

Price: $249.99
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Alarm Clock Extreme:

This is an amazing application that you can use on your android mobile device. With this app, you can either set a light sound to wake you up gently in the morning or if you are a heavy sleeper, it can gradually increase the sound of music or alarm bell and instead of just hitting the snooze button, it will ask you to solve a math puzzle so you will surely wake up to stop it from ringing.


If you live in a city where it doesn’t take much time to rain, it might be a good idea to use an application that can track the weather and update you before you leave the house in the morning. Accuweather gets the update multiple times every hour so it’s for sure that the details are updated. It informs you about the weather forecast of next 2 hours so you can take care of outdoor items or choose an appropriate dress before leaving the house.

Local Traffic App:

Just like finding the weather outside before leaving the house is important, so does the details of traffic to your office route. With this amazing application, you can get to know the traffic situation inside or outside the city so if there is any traffic jam, you can leave the house before time or choose a different route without much of traffic. In the evening before leaving the office for home, you can again check the same application to see if the route is clear or you should make up your mind for some delays.

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