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When you spend most of your time outside your house, it makes perfect sense to have some kind of security installed. These security measurements will not only keep your property and possessions safe but they will also assist in protecting your family members in any dangerous situation i.e. intrusion or robbery. Installing sensors or alarms on doors and windows is a must but there is something else that can put your mind at ease and its live video surveillance. With the high-quality wireless security cameras, you can look at the live video feed both inside and outside of the house. It depends if you just want to record videos and check them later or you want to access live video feed on your smartphone. In either case, investing in good quality indoor and outdoor security cameras is a wise decision.

Top of the Class Wireless Cameras for Home Security:

Arlo Pro:

Although this camera is designed to be used outdoors in the open atmosphere but it’s still compatible with the indoor use as well. The design of this camera is very compact and overall weight is not more than few grams. The best thing that keeps this camera model at the top of the list is because of its long-lasting battery timing. There is a built-in battery in this tiny camera which provides enough power for up to 5 months and this means there is no need to supply power to it. You can just install it anywhere you want outside of the house and check the video surveillance on your tablet or even smartphone. Other key features include free cloud storage for up to 1 week, 720P high-resolution picture quality and a built-in siren which is quite loud compared to other similar devices.

Nest Cam:

Compared with Arlo Pro, Nest Cam is a very close runner-up. There are dozens of key features that make this camera perfect for outdoor use. This is completely waterproof and it can integrate with other Nest gadgets and applications inside the house. What’s amazing about this camera is that it has the key feature of distinguishing between human and other objects i.e. birds and vehicles. This means you can set the rules about alerts only when there is a human intruder in the house and not just a loud vehicle passing by. Because this camera can’t work independent and it needs Nest program to operate which costs annual subscription charges, that’s the only setback of this camera. Other than that, it’s perfect for use outside for home security as well inside to watch your favorite pets on your smartphone.

Vimtag VT-361 PTZ:

This is again a very good quality indoor home security camera and the best thing about this camera is that it will cost less than $100 with just the right features that you need for home security. It has the ability to record 720P videos and even if you think it’s not HD enough, the image quality will amaze you. There is also the option to zoom up to 3X which is very rare among home security camera. Other features include 2 ways audio which comes handy especially for indoor security cameras for pets. It can detect motion and you have the option to set the rules about detecting the sensitivity of motion for video recording.

Amcrest Pro HD:

Although any good quality outdoor security camera has the ability to show a clear face of people in the daytime but as it starts getting dark, most cameras lose this ability to show a clear picture. This is where Amcrest Pro HD stands alone compared to other models. With this camera, you will have no difficulty identifying faces or even vehicle numbers in low light. Being waterproof and stand still in any kind of heavy atmosphere conditions is the key strength of this camera. The only downside of this model is small cloud storage and the fact that it can’t be linked to other security gadgets inside the home.

TriVision NC-336PW:

If you are not looking for an outdoor camera that is tiny so no one can see it, maybe investing in something more durable and powerful like TriVision NC-336PW might be a great idea. This is a bullet style camera that is designed for outdoor use so that makes it completely waterproof and shockproof. It can record video in 1080P full HD resolution and with the onboard SD card slot; you can choose how much storage you need. With this camera, you will have the option to watch the recorded videos on your laptop or you can just check the live video surveillance on your smartphone as well. Perhaps the best feature of this security camera is that has night vision recording ability for up to 50 feet so it’s perfect for night time surveillance.

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