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Virtual reality is an amazing way of experiencing a simulation without being actually there. It is quite remarkable how far this technology has come.

Especially for the past few years, there have been massive advancements and innovations in the field of VR.

Virtual reality technology allows you to virtual enter space as if you are actually there. People have considered VR to be impossible for a long time but with the recent outburst of VR products and gadgets, their views are changing dramatically.

And the best part is, these gadgets are easily available and in everyone’s reach.

There is a variety of VR headsets available in the market that can take you to the wonderland of virtual reality. But here is the question.

Which VR product to go for?

Which is the best VR headset that can give you a great virtual reality experience?

We are going to review some of the most prominent VR headsets that can give you a great VR simulation experience.

1- HTC Vive

HTC Vive is one of the most prominent VR headsets that can give you the best VR experience. It comes with following components:

  • Two motion controllers
  • Two base stations
  • Tracking accessories
  • 2160 x 1200 OLED display
  • Room-scale tracking

HTC Vive is truly immersive VR gadget. Although it can connect to PC, you still need a strong enough graphic card in order to play. It was developed by HTC in collaboration with Valve, a gaming company. It immediately gained popularity as soon as it was released.

The reason being it came with two base stations that defined a whole room VR area. Now you don’t have to sit at just one place in order to play. You can even walk around the room.

Tracking accessories like 360-degree head motion tracker allow you to play VR games even more naturally.

The latest design “HTC Vive pro” will allow you to play without physically connecting to a PC.

2- Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PS VR headset was released last year. It is a truly sophisticated technology with a reasonable price tag. It may not be perfect when it comes to functionality but it certainly is the most decent looking VR headset as far as the appearance is concerned. You can do some pretty decent gaming with it.

You can play games like Resident Evil Biohazard, Batman Arkham and FarPoint with it. Sony PS VR is especially reasonable for competitive gamers as it is both affordable and responsive.

You need a PS4 camera in order to play with PS VR. This is a drawback of PlayStation VR. You need to buy separate accessories in order to fully enjoy the game. You need to buy separate PS4 camera and move controllers.

3- Google Daydream View

Google daydream first made its debut in 2016. It is quite similar to Google cardboard headset. It is a mobile headset and you need to plug your phone into it. Google daydream works with Google Pixel and some other Smartphones.

You can play a huge range of games with Google daydream app. A remote comes with Google Daydream that is used to control actions.

The quality of VR depends on the smartphone that you are inserting into the headset. Although the VR quality cannot compete with the other big names in the industry but still, it is quite reasonable for mobile use.

4- Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift was the very first VR headset in the market. It was designed by Palmer Lucky who is said to be obsessed with VR technology. Oculus Rift was a revolutionary gadget which inspired many other companies to develop their own VR headsets.

Its consumer version uses 2160 x 1200 resolutions and works at 233 million pixels per second. Oculus Rift was left behind by HTC Vive but it is coming right back up on the list because of the latest innovations in the design.

It is quite similar to HTC Vive in terms of design. It includes Oculus touch motion controls which can cover the area of a full room just like HTC Vive. It is easily affordable as compared to HTC Vive and play-station VR headsets.

5- Samsung Gear VR

Samsung gear VR first was introduced in 2015 and ever since then; it’s been standing out in the market of VR headsets. It can give you the most immersive VR experience. You do need to have a Samsung smartphone device as it only works with Samsung Phones.

Currently, there are a total of 8 devices (S6 to S8) that it can connect with. This is plus point for Samsung users or potential Samsung customers as they’ll only have to pay for the headset. But if you add the price of the phone and the Gear VR then it comes close to the HTC Vive.

The VR quality depends upon the device that you are using. But still, you get some pretty amazing features no matter what Samsung phone you are using.

6- Merge VR Goggles

This is truly a VR headset worth mentioning. It can be considered a sneaky but competitive VR headset of the market. It is compatible with lots of devices including iPhones. It is made up of a soft foam like material which makes it lightweight and easier to handle.

You can customize it the way you want. Adjust the lenses or click the buttons to interact with your content. It also enables you to put mixed reality experiences in the palm of your hand. It is easily available and affordable as compared to other VR headsets.

Bottom Line:

VR Headset technology is taking the world by storm. It has made it possible for average users to enjoy high-quality gaming experience in their space at home. There is a huge range of VR headsets available in the market but the technologies that are being mentioned above are the most prominent ones. You can select one of these gadgets for a great VR experience.

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