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Not knowing what a floppy disc was used for might be one of the most important disadvantages of being born in the last 10 years. Kids these days have a lot of ease for using computers and laptops especially with multiple TB hard drives built in the computers and convenient removable memory options i.e. USB flash drives and DVDs. But, there was a time when this didn’t seem possible. That was the time when floppy discs were the only option to transfer data from one computer to another. If we think of that time now, it feels nostalgic to remember having many floppy discs to copy small files and making sure to carry them with great care as a sudden bump to the disc could cause data loss.

These days we have USB flash drives that practically have unlimited life time. It’s very common that a flash drive is worn out because of use but it’s still usable and because this technology is very common now, so the prices for higher data capacities are very cheap. With just a couple of bucks, you can find a good quality USB that can keep up to 64 GBs or even 128 GBs of data. Flash drives with up to 1 TB data capacity are also available but that might be expensive. Because USB are created with solid memory chips, they are very durable but still you need to understand that the price and the brand name play very important role in deciding which option might be best for you. From durability to data transfer speed to price to size, there are some many factors to consider before buying a flash drive. Here are top of the line USB flash drives that you need to keep with you.

10 best USB flash drives to choose from:

1. PNY Turbo 3.0:

PNY is a well known brand in the field of memory and removable storage options. This USB flash drives comes in different capacity options starting from 16GB and it goes up to 128GB. The best option here to choose is to have 64GB 3.0 Turbo USB which will amaze you with its data transfer speed and because it’s made with plastic and the design is very compact, you can fit it in any pocket or your laptop bag.

Price: $9.99
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2. SanDisk Extreme CZ80:

This is again a very good brand that’s been in business for quite some time and it has gained a lot of trust of consumers because of the quality and durability. Although the price might a little higher for standard 64GB drive but consider the data encryption option and life time warranty that comes with this USB and price won’t be an important factor for people who want to secure their data.

Price: $18.90
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3. Samsung 3.0 USB:

There is no need for introduction of how good Samsung USB is. This is one of the best options in the market at this moment. This drive comes in all metal design which is also water proof so you don’t need to worry about getting it wet in rain. The design is very compact so it can even fit in your wallet and additionally, there is an option that you can attach it to your keychain. Standard drives come with 5 years warranty but practically they are good for forever.

Price: $13.99
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4. Samsung 3.1 Type C USB:

Because of updated android operating systems, now it’s possible to attach a USB drive to your mobile device but you need to have a connector for standard USB which is not that convenient.

Also now we are seeing more devices i.e. Apple laptops and tablets that have USB type C connector so it makes more sense to have a Type C USB that doesn’t need any additional connector. For that purpose, this is a great option for you to choose but it might be a little expensive compared to standard USB.

Price: $29.99
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5. Patriot Supersonic Rage 2 USB:

The whole purpose of data traveler is to keep it secure and safe while you transfer files from one computer to another and it’s not always mean the transfer will be in the same room or same office. Sometimes you need to carry your flash drive to another city or even country for meetings and only then you can understand how important it is for the drive to be durable. Patriot Supersonic Rage 2 is an expensive option but it comes with 512GB storage capacity and aluminum body so it’s completely shock proof which means better security for your data.

Price: $51.99
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6. Apricorn Aegis USB:

Transferring files doesn’t always mean exchanging movies and music but sometimes it’s more important than that. There are hundreds of competitive companies in the market that don’t want to share their secrets with others and in this sense; it’s understandable to use a drive that is hack proof. Apricorn Aegis manufactures USB flash drives are not only water proof but they have high quality 256 bit encryption system built in the drive. You can only excess the data with the password and if you type wrong password multiple times, it automatically wipes the disc without compromising the files.

Price: $146.18
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7. Farsler Fingerprint USB:

While talking about the USB drives that have added security protocol, there is nothing that beats Farsler USB because it has a fingerprint scanner on it. This means only the authorized person will be able to excess data on this drive. If you have no room for another password for your USB, it might be a good idea to go with this option that has fingerprint security but keep in mind that it is expensive compared to standard or general USB drives.

Price: $42.99
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8. Corsair Voyage GO USB:

When you transfer in between your computer and mobile device, it makes more sense to have a USB that can connect to all gadgets without additional connector. Corsair Voyage GO USB is the solution for you if you are looking for a drive that has both USB and Type C option. The design of this drive is very small and it can either fit in your pocket or you can attach it to your keychain with the string.

Price: $66.99
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9. Kingston Digital USB:

This is the perfect USB flash drive option for those who are not looking for high end security encryption or an expensive brand name. Kingston is an affordable option when you just need to have a flash drive that can transfer files from one computer to another without hustle. Although the data transfer speed is not as good as SanDisk or Samsung but the price is very much affordable for almost everyone.

Price: $16.99
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10. SanDisk Ultra Fit CZ43:

If price is a big factor for your but you don’t care about the data transfer speed of your USB flash drive, SanDisk Ultra Fit CZ43 might be the answer of your queries. This is a very affordable flash drive that comes in good quality plastic casing and standard warranty. The only compromise you

Price: $12.89
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