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In this article today I will reveal the secret of earning money online. This is the thing which almost 95% people want to know because everyone wants to earn and when it comes to earning from home many people prefer it to do. So I will guide you in this article about different Top ways to earn money online.

There are usually many ways to earn online but I have gathered some of the best and Top ways to earn money online. You can earn as much as money you want to earn depending upon the time you want to spend on this.

Below are the following steps:

1) Do some surveys:

Simply do surveys online and make money from home. You can earn up to 200$ per month easily. some of the surveys websites are listed below which will give you extra cash and gift vouchers free products as well.

•    Swag bucks

•    Survey Junkie

•    Inbox Dollars

•    One Opinion

•    American Consumer Opinion

•    Pinecone Research

2)  Start a blog or online business:

You can easily create your own blog free on word press or with a little pay like 3$ a month which is nothing. Create a blog and then affiliate sales. You can choose any topic from below to make a blog

•    Travel

•    Cooking

•    Health

•    Technology

3)  Watch YouTube videos and like videos:

Now you can get paid for just watching movies, news, celebrity videos and all kind of other videos. You can easily earn from 250-300$ per month. Sites like Swag Bucks ask you to watch certain videos and like them from which you can easily earn.

4)  Download and install the apps:

Currently, many companies and Google will pay you for downloading and installing different apps. you can easily earn from apps just by installing them which will hardly take a minute or 2 then the amount will be credited to your account.

Some of the apps are as follows which will pay you for downloading them.

•    Shop Tracker from this app you can earn up to $60 a year.

•    Mobile Expression from this app You can earn up to $50 a year.

5)  Become a freelancer:

Freelancing is the best thing to earn money online specifically if you are a student or want to earn some handsome amount in your free time.

There are many freelancing sites from where you can earn easily. Just simply make account on different freelancing platforms and offer different services such as

•    Content/academic writing

•    Web developing/designing

•    Graphic designing

•    Video Animations(2d and 3d videos)

•    Data entry

•    Social media marketing

•    Web researching

•    MS office work

•    Building CVS for people

•    Giving reviews about apps products etc

Some of the best freelancing platforms are as follows:

•    Fiverr

•    Freelancer

•    Up work

•    People per hour

•    99 for graphic designers)

6)  Play online games:

If you are a fond lover of the game then it’s your time to earn from it as well. Play some of your favorite puzzle or card games at Inbox Dollars and earn from it

7)  Take part in an online focus group:

You can earn money easily from participating in online focus groups like Pro Opinion.

8) Earn from pages:

You can easily earn from pages by simply just maintaining them. Simply create your account on Fiverr and put your gig for maintaining social FB pages and get jobs easily.

9) Fix Google’s mistakes:

You can easily earn by mending some errors of the famous sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  which will pay for fixing their search results. You just have to mend their errors and make them error free.

10) Shop online and earn cash back:

Now you can earn amount by shopping online as well. Sites like Fat Wallet pay you back when you shop at their store.

There are many other ways from which you can earn handsome amount but I have gathered the 10 techniques which are the simplest and efficient to perform. In conclusion, I say the above mentioned are the Top ways to earn money online.


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