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Income that is not coming from a regular job feels like a bonus. In these days online working is rising up day by day, people are moving to do their work online so this is the reason why online services have become relatively easy. There are many platforms for online jobs in which one of the websites is Fiverr that offers online income. Photo editing, content writing and video editing services are normally sell on this website.

These services on Fiverr are called “GIGS”. There are not only limited services as mentioned about you can find anything you need. People on Fiverr is from all over the world who offer their services and expertise on the site.

At a time earning of five bucks is not sound like much, but it is possible with these little sales a person can earn up to one thousand dollars a month.

On Fiverr users sell their products and services to the buys for $5 each, where buyers give them work according to their needs. According to the Fiverr users create more than 4,000 gigs, or new listings every day.

If you didn’t know about the Fiverr marketplace where people can sign up and start selling their services, then you are at the right place here I will let you know how to make money on Fiverr step by step.

Sign Up and Configure Account

Step 1: To access all features on Fiverr you have to sign up first go to Fiverr and click on Join button.

Step 2: The next you will have a popup screen you can use sign up with your email or with your social account site. Sign up with social profile helps the Fiverr to add all the information automatically which is imported from your social account or manually entered your email and continue to the next step.

Step 3: Enter the desired username and password (which will help you to access your account after every log out) and click Join. You will receive a confirmation link which will confirm your account. Everything is done with signup! Now you are a member of Fiverr.

What You Able to Sell on Fiverr?

Be creative about selling on Fiverr! You can sell any service in which you have the best expertise as long as it should be legal and complies with the Fiverr terms.

Always create those Gigs in which you have full grip and good expertise because your good work can attract more people to you. Here is some service example below that can be offered:

  • Provide a unique gift idea
  • Offer reports or Ebooks that you’ve written
  • Offer social media marketing services
  • Unique article writing skills
  • Unique photo editing and logo design
  • Web designing and development
  • Design business cards
  • Send you a telepathic message
  • Translate English into Spanish
  • Make a Video Testimonial

Offer Great Packages

Packages are a great way to increase your revenue by adding some more features to your services. You can offer three different attractive bundles to sell your Gig. Because it is a great way to give the buyers to choose what package they want with standard value $5 or they need some other packages.

Your Gig packages help to increase your sale so make a good offer that buyer can’t refuse you.

You can optimize your package value with three propositions via Basic, Pro packages and Premium package.

You can get potential buyers with your packages and it also helps you to establish your workflow.  

Promote Your Fiverr Gig

When you have created your Gig successfully then the last step is promoting your Gig. Once you ranked you gig you will start getting an order, there are more than 1 million buyers on Fiverr so you don’t need to promote your Gigs.

Start A Blog: will help to promote your Fiverr Gigs, you can write about what your Gigs features are and what buyers can expect from you also describe benefits of your Gigs.

Social Media: is one of the strongest platforms these days, every business has their account on the social network. You can join relative groups where you can share your Gigs.

Blog Commenting: is also one of a great way to promoting Gigs, search for blogs that are related to your Gig nature. Comment on a blog and share your Gig link there will help to get an order from average buyers.


These are the important instructions that may help you to understand how to make money on Fiverr – If you have done everything then what are you waiting for? Go and make your first dollar on Fiverr right now!

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