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Role of Technology in Business Communication



Role of technology in business communication

If we say that in the 21st century, modern technologies and advanced gadgets have surrounded our lives completely, it won’t be wrong. Not only that our homes are crowded with this modern equipment and technologies but it has also drastically changed the way companies and corporations used to work. Before the internet was invented or even before the computer was an actual essential item for a workplace, companies still managed their works somehow but the growth, efficiency and communication were not as developed and easy as it can be seen today. Because of the technologies being used in the companies and manufacturing plants so commonly, most of us not even notice how these technologies have impacted our work routines and how easier everything now is.

Not only that these technologies have made our lives easier and convenient but there are many other advantages and benefits both for small and big corporations. For instance, if you need to send a quick message to someone in the office or even outside the office, there is no need to call anyone but you can just send them an email. It will literally take few seconds to write and send the email and the other person will receive it without any delay. Another important technology being used in businesses is teleconferencing. This is something that has changed the way companies work and hold meetings and conferences. If you want to have a meeting with managers or directors, there is no need to ask them to gather in the same place but you can just call them on your computer or video conference equipment and you can talk to them without any problem.

Business Communication Technologies:

1. Email and Teleconference:

There was a time when the only way to send something to another business or company was by post or mail. Then it was replaced by fax but still, it wasn’t fast and efficient enough. Then with the introduction of the internet, email was invented and our lives were never the same again. Now with the internet being used in all companies and businesses, you can send hundreds of emails on the average basis and if you need to talk to someone or a group of people at different places, just ask them to join you in a video conference.

2. Computer:

It’s safe to say that now your business can’t survive without using computers. No matter what kind of business you have or how big or small it is, it’s really important for you to use computers in your workplace. Not only that this piece of technology will make your work life easier and efficient but it can also make the work mistake proof with 100% accurate calculations. Another big advantage is that on a small computer or laptop, you can literally save millions of documents without the need to prepare a file for your desk.

3. Mobile Phone:

Just imagine how the life was 10 years ago when mobile phones were first introduced in the market. This was a device specifically designed to just call the other person and have a quick conversation. Sending emails, voicemails and text messages were not even imagined at that time. Now you can’t live without voicemails and send text messages. You can use the phone not only for calling someone but it can be used as a mini computer on the go where you can check emails, reply to the urgent matters, scan documents to send as pictures and even keep eye on your workplace with remote access to cameras via your personal mobile phone.

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How to Choose the Best Online Invoice Software at Great Pricing




online accounting softwares

Accounting software is one of the crucial tools that is designed to make the business working a lot easier. It focuses on tracking you the right way to keep the financial health of the business, track expense and even create the reports a lot easier. This way, you would be able to analyse the performance of the business from different angles. There are so many applicants from different banks that are designed and available at great piecing in the market. These applications can keep a track down your bill and ensure that the entire inventory or even the project is handled in a much better way.

Quick Tips to Choose Accounting Software:

Certainly to choose accounting software is not an easy task. There is a set of program that is designed in a way which comes with a wide range of pricing, features and even the number of users and many other factors to name a few. However, when it comes to choosing the Best Invoice Accounting Software, it is important to keep the given below three crucial things in mind for your business.

Cost: The decision is all yours on whether it is complex, basic or go with an application that can cost more but may also include some of the additional features.

Use: This is important to be known since you will have ample of customers to deal with. So make sure you know how many users you would need to access the software and whether the system that you are intending to choose should be the cloud-based or the desktop version solely.

Features: Of all, you are making an investment in a software and of course, it has to be worth. So make sure you are clear with the features that you would want to go with such as accounts payable and receivable tool, reports being used for generating, tracking down the inventory and so on.

Now that you are pretty much clear with what all you need to have when buying the best online invoice software now it is high time that you choose the right option.
best online invoice software sheets

Know the Price of the Accounting Software:

Next thing to keep in mind is planning for the budget. The accounting software may vary in price. Rather it all depends on a wide range of features that are included. There are software companies that offer the cloud-based software as a service instead of a software license and charging for the monthly basis.

There are different plans some comes with the paid packages which may range up to $40 per month while some can be available at the discounted rate as well. Usually, it is believed that the exclusive plan comes with some of the advanced features such as expense tracking, automatic past due billing and even sales tracking features and some kind of freemium software also available which gives the user full access for some days like a week or a month then they started subscription fee after that period. 

Last but not the least be sure about choosing the different factors such as multiuse access, support with multi-user and even the access through mobile.

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Best Cryptocurrency Exchange: The Complete Guide




best cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency comes with tons of revolution to the world as 2017 was a huge year for cryptocurrencies. The explosion of question is like “where can I buy Bitcoin?” just because these currencies are growing so much in the market. But here the question is that where is the best cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

However: The most confusing process is that where you should buy cryptocurrency without any trouble. But here you don’t need to worry about it, here you are in the right place. In this article, we going to show you how to get started with cryptocurrency exchanges and which platforms are secure and have good worth.

For the short intro, there are two types of exchanges which I would like to discuss here.

Fiat exchange is the first type of exchange where people directly transfer different currencies like Euros, US Dollars and other government reserved currencies into cryptocurrency for the trading purposes.

Yes, exchanging from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchanges is the second type of exchange, which allow traders to traders to trade cryptocurrencies with each other. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most common cryptocurrencies which exchange each other.

What is A Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which is mostly people use for transferring funds online and if you have much idea about stock exchanges, then probably you can understand easily what is a cryptocurrency exchange. In the stock exchange, people do buy and sell shares when the rates fluctuate, same here the cryptocurrency exchangers provide a platform buying/selling/trading cryptocurrencies. They provide an opportunity to invest in the market for better results and they charge a small fee just to take place on their platform.

Things to be Consider before Exchange

Every exchange has different kinds of pros and cons, but here the thing is to find a good exchange which gives you the best offers. Here are some kind of things that you should consider before exchanging.

  • The first thing to know how much is the exchange fee as much as lower is better.
  • What about trading pairs availability like the most common pair is Bitcoins and Ethereum.
  • How much is the exchange volume? More higher is more better.
  • Are the website and servers fully secured?
  • What types of payment options are available?
  • How about customer support is it 24/7 available?
  • How is the exchanges customer support?

In this article we are going to list some of the highest popular cryptocurrency exchange websites.  

1. Binance

Binance is a China-based out organization which is rapidly growing exchange in the market and a few months back they included its ICO. They not only deal in its native country they have their opportunities for all countries. over the world.

It is counted as a top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges firm in the world as it has grown tremendously. They have 140 different type of cryptocurrencies listed on their server as it is increasing day by day.

Binance’s also charged a unique fee which is less from other competitors fee structure. They charge 0.1% to start trading with them is quite unique and less rates than others.

2. Coinbase – Beginner’s Choice

You are new to cryptocurrency and have not much idea where to start so here Coinbase is a good platform for the beginners when you are buying for the first time.

They have a very easy and clean interface which can be understood by a new trader and allows you to make your first purchase in Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

At the starting point, bitcoin is probably purchased to start trade in cryptocurrency. Coinbase also a worldwide website which allows users to invest with them but if you are living in Canada, Europe, UK, USA, Australia and Singapore then you can buy with a credit card or bank account.

Coinbase fee structure is little higher, if you are buying through credit card then they charge 3.99% while buying through bank account is much cheaper with a fee of 1.49%.

3. Kraken – Exchange Worldwide

For the experienced traders here Kraken is the right place, it is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Kraken is known as one of the most well running exchange and It has been around for a long.

Kraken is a San Francisco based firm which shows that there are a high volume of European traders are working on it.

It is not recommended for the beginners compared to exchange-listed above as it has complicated interface with full of techniques and understating. Before you trade you have to understand order books and what kind of order types listed there. Kraken fee structure is also very low compared to other exchanges.

4. Kucoin – Crypto to Crypto

You want a pure exchange like from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency then Kucoin is the one which helps you a lot, it is Korea based exchange and relatively new to cryptocurrency. They also have a lot of altcoins for the sale purposes.

It is a Chinese based exchange and can be traded with ETH, USDT, NEO, BTC, and KCS. The interface is also easy to understand with active order book and no need of technical things to start a trade.

Kucoin is similar to Binance which is also best in cryptocurrency, they have shares in Binance. So this is the reason they also have very attractive fee structure and the starting fee is 0.1% is its known as unique rate.

5. Cryptopia – Crypto to Crypto

New Zealand based exchange also know as good cryptocurrency exchange as we cannot compare it to the above-listed exchanges due to the smaller number of traders. They have very unique and easily understandable interface with auto on order book.

Cryptopia also serves all countries over the world not only dealing in native currency. They have been trading in Litecoin, Tether trading pairs, and Bitcoins, which are the most common cryptocurrencies considered.

To starting with Cryptopia is also gives you a very low fee structure as it is 0.2%. Cryptpia offers their own marketplace where you can be purchased services and goods with cryptocurrency.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Using Investment Apps




Pros and Cons of Using Investment Apps

In the age of internet and smart technology, there is a huge amount of applications accessible on your smartphones that can be used for the variety of purposes ranging from keeping track of daily tasks to making fertile investments to make more money.

Yes, plenty of investment apps is available that make investment easier not only for beginners but for professionals as well.

Some applications can be exceptionally useful, while different applications are not all that good.

Much the same as anything identified with your cash accounts or finance, you should be watchful on the off chance that you choose to attempt an investing application in order to make wise investment decisions.

Here are a few Pros and Cons to consider when you are about to get benefits from investment apps available in these days.

Pros of Using Investment Apps

  • Quick Information

Staying up to date with market and monetary news is extremely simple if you are using an investment app. You have instant access to the bunch of up-to-the-minute financial news and data that helps a lot in decision making.

  • You Can Start From Small

Use of investment apps is recommended by experts especially if you are a beginner because several investing apps require $5.00 to get started which is one of the best benefits of using an investment app.

With such a low limitation anyone can start investing in order to make more money.

  • Discover About Investing

Majority of investment applications are utilized by first-time investors to learn about investment basics.

Through this way, a user of the investment app can make clever investment decisions to prevent intolerably loses and pitfalls.

  • Easy to Invest

When you are using an investment application to invest your hard-earned cash, you won’t feel overpowered with decisions and choices before making the investment because the robot-advisors keep you informed about the latest market and financial news every minute.

In addition, investment applications are deliberated to very simple and easy to use.

  • These Apps are Inexpensive

There is very low commission percentage for investment application accounts that help an investor to reduce the overall cost of investment.

But, a user must keep an eye on the threshold in order to prevent increased expenses and commission amount for the app.

Cons of Using Investment Apps You Must Know

  • No Big Picture Perspective

Investment applications really don’t think (even they cannot) about your debts, tax information and investments made in other businesses and it can be the biggest drawback of using such apps.

They totally rely on data obtained from the market and cannot provide you long-term perspective when investing.

  • Faulty Risk Tolerance

Investment applications make an effort to decide a financial specialists’ peril resilience with automatic survey and a calculation. In such situation, the application may be inclined the investor to make bad and unfavorable investment decisions.

  • High Fees for Larger Accounts

If you start to invest more into investment apps, be ready to pay them more due to high fees for larger accounts.

As most of the investors know that the top investment apps Stash and Clink charge a user fee of 1 dollar per month for the sum of under $5,000 and it would be total $12 per year. On another hand, for a balance of $50,000 the user will need to pay the fee of 0.25% per year that adds up to $125 more in total fees.

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