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You are working in the office late and thinking about going back to the grind but there is a lot of stuff have to do before leaving. it will be great when you have cool office settings with some useable gadgets that help you in work and let you away from stress or may help you to improve your work.
We are living in the 2000s century where technology has become very vast, every new day comes with the latest invention. Every new gadget that is produced always comes with something new and interesting feature. Here are some cool office tech gadgets you must have.

1.   Hot Mug: Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug






The more worst thing is when you are busy in work and its end up with a mouthful of cold. In that situate you can’t leave your sit to go for warm it again. The Ember Mug will keep your coffee (or any other liquid you prefer to drink) warm.

The mug comes with a charging, you can be able to use it for an hour or more after the complete charging. The best thing in the Ember Mug is you can remotely adjust to your ideal temperature. You can also manage temperature according to the presets for different drinks, it will show you the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit according to your choice.

Price: $139.35
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2.   Ledgle Table Lamp

office table clock







You got a deadline to complete your task, you have few minutes to complete it before the time is dead. For sure, you can check the time at the bottom of the computer monitor. But this LED lock show you more prominent in large fonts you don’t need to deep focus on the bottom of the computer monitor and also it will show you the date, temperature and humidity.

The brightness can be adjustable according to your choice you can choose a different color as you like. A good feature is it is chargeable and you can also use it directly with AC electric connection. By pressing ‘down’ for 3 seconds to turn on/off the LCD screen.

Price: $33.99
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3.   Floppy Disk – Sticky Notes

floppy disk sticky notes






You might remember those old floppy disks where we can store 1.44 MB of data (yes, kids, that was a time 80s and 90s when the largest external storage device was 1.44 MB only), but here you can’t storage data but you can remind things to do by writing on them.

Everyone has sticky notes on their work tables but something different at the workplace is more prominent and eye catcher for the visitors.

Price: $4.99
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4.   Table Desk Clip-on Cup Holder

desk clip-on cup holder






This is the best gadgets for you if you have mess up on your desk during office hours. Have you ever fallen your drink somewhere around your computer table then you thought “Oh! Yes, that is the bad thing I have done today”. You can adjust this clip on the corner of your table so your beverage will not bother you anymore.

It can hold your coffee, water bottle or any kind of stationery you want to have all the time with you.

Price: $16.99
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5.   Cable Drop Clips

cable drop







More of the digital devices are common part at the workplace, we have connected multiple of wires to the laptop/computer like a monitor, keyboard, mouse or sometimes we have connected our mobile devices for the charging purpose or for media connection. If you have a million cables draped off the side of your table then you need these Cable Drop Clips.

There are 6 set of clips in one order, you can choose the color as random or the specified colors which are available on buy time.

Price: $5.69
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