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Tips for Effective Blog Commenting



Tips for Effective Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is an excellent way to make inbound links, which can bring traffic to your site, help build a site worth and much strong! When you read the blog for the comment is also one of the great ways to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest things and trends in the current market, you will also get inspired by great articles.

As of now blog commenting can be considered as an old school way of promoting a website/blog, in today’s current situation the most of the conversation has been shifted from regular blog onto the social media networks like – Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. But its effectiveness of the blog commenting is still considered as success of a blog as it was in the 2000s.

Here are some of the most effective blog commenting best practice tips the will help you to make the value of your blog comments.


1.   Read and Understand the Post

Yes, this is the great advice, for better understanding the topic and then comment on the right way. But you would be amazed most of the people don’t actually read the full post. They assume that they understand the whole post and their topics just by reading the post title and headline and then they write their response based on the assumption.

But this is not as this is the way you are doing you have to know the exact topic on which they are discussing because blog commenting is about to building your brand and authority, so leaving a comment which has no sense will not be able to get approved in most of the cases.


2.   Do not Comment for Links Only

I have seen most of the bloggers doing this way of thinking the commenting on a blog is all about building links for SEO purposes. No, that’s not the right way if you’re thinking this way.

First of all, take away such kind of mindset of what blog commenting is all about. This might be easy and simple to build hundreds of comments on daily bases but your effort might go wrong because you may fall into Google’s link building scheme penalty if you’re doing it for SEO purposes.

Do the blog commenting on the natural way and don’t make it as a mandatory task that you must have to perform daily to leave xxx amount of comment every single day.


3.   Be Earlier

Dropping comment being first or at least be the first five to drop the comment on post matters a lot. This also helps to the other bloggers to read your comment and they can be visited on your site by clicking on your profile. It is also best because the author feels that this guy is up to date with us, so there are more chances to approve your comment. Always do the positive comment not try to abuse in some cases.

Abusing or bad commenting on the blog could easily become annoying on the part of the author’s blog post and other blog readers, this also may result in a spam or irrelevant statement.  Don’t be in a rush to leave comments, take your time to read the article and understand what the post is all about.


4.   Don’t Drop Links

Yes, that is the most important thing to drop a comment on the blog. Don’t try to drop your link in the comment unless you are linking to an outside source to help the users with another way of possibility. Because this looks like a spam to the blog owner and there might be a more chance are they will blacklist you from the blog.

Dropping link on the comment is a full of strategy you have to discuss with the other blogger’s comment on the post and then provide then external help link if they need. Also, avoid to dropping links to your own site this might seem to be spam post for the other bloggers so they will not be worth to come on your blog.


5.   Use Real Identity

No matter how much worth your comment has on the post until you have some real identity. Most of the blogger doing this kind of mistake they used some American or other fake generated names for more attraction but they really don’t know that they are on the wrong site.

Because if you have been experienced with running your own blog then, you will understand how much frustrating this one could be when you see comments like, “David SEO Expert”, “Seven-star hotel In California”, etc. as the name of comment authors. In most of cases blog owner will not keep you in the comment with the company name as the comment author.

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  1. Yasir Khan Saqlaini

    January 29, 2018 at 10:15 pm

    Hey Aiden,
    Indeed you shared a very nice article. i love to read information about blog commenting. Thank You

    • AIDEN

      January 30, 2018 at 1:28 am

      Hey Yasir!
      Thank you for the comment, Keep in touch with us for more info about blogging and technology.

  2. Donna Merrill

    February 1, 2018 at 6:07 am

    Hi Aiden,

    Blog commenting is such a key strategy for bloggers.

    You’ve got to do it right, though, and you’ve given great advice on this topic.

    I hope newbie bloggers, especially, read through your list of suggestions very carefully and then implement them properly.


    • AIDEN

      February 1, 2018 at 11:28 am

      Good day, Donna,
      First of all glad to see your positive feedback which is vital for us in order to improve the work, and I strongly agree with you that blog commenting is still alive and giving a lot in return.
      Thanks and keep visiting for more handy stuff.

  3. Raj Athani

    February 14, 2018 at 9:49 pm

    nice post

  4. Angbuhang

    June 22, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    Thanks for providing the great tips.In coming days surely gonna follow these tips for blog commenting.

  5. Zadock Thomas

    June 22, 2018 at 11:27 pm

    This is a great article

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Blog Skills

How to Find Topics for Your Blog



How to find topics for your blog

To keep the audience engaged with your blog you need to continually write new articles, which takes a lot of time to find out the right topic for the right time. Finding the topics for the blog post is about easy enough but finding that article that your reader would love to read is almost another story.

For getting more users on the site we not to rely on our own personal taste, we need to find our audience’s behaviors and find out what are the users need and then drive that information on our blog or else we risk publishing irrelevant content. Which cause the users ignorance and the blog start suffering lack of traffic and income.

Have you ever written an article on your blog? Are you struggling for your article to go viral? You are spending hours for writing to make a positive impact on your visitors and shared it on possible social media platforms to bring traffic to it to get a good feedback.

Here are some of the useful steps to understand for choosing and finding the right topic for your audience actually desires.

Useful Links: 

How to Make More Money with Your Blog in 2018?

Tips for Effective Blog Commenting

Turn Your Blog Into an Income Machine

Find Your Competitor Websites

The first thing that you have to think before you entered into the world of “blogging”, you should find your competition. It has no matter whether it was on a technology or on a blogging niche, you wanted to know where the right article’s info coming from.
Commenting is also a useful way to find the topic for the blog post, due to the high volume of users on well-ranked blogs, the authors don’t have enough time to approve it one by one. So, it is also the best opportunity to reply the user by answering their questions and then make a blog post with that content.
It is a good practice when you keep in touch with the competitor’s blog by commenting. When you visit your competitor blogs daily bases you find multiple trends article which is currently searching by users, this is another opportunity to write those topics with briefer and more informative way.

Write a Blog Post from User’s Questions

When you are doing informative blog posts on daily bases then your users come to you with questions because they know you are providing them knowledgeable data. In some cases when you got a question from your user there are others out there who might have the same questions. This is the great way to start a blog post on that question which might be received receive (in person, and via phone or email).
Working with that strategy gives you a benefit in case of publishing good and the user’s demanding content. First when you write an article according to your choice or market needs then others will find your blog by searching for that topic and they questioning you for finding the solutions to their further problems.

Quora Questions and Answers

Quora is one of the best Questioning and Answering site that feature Q&A containing different facts, instructions, and opinions that were voted on by Quora members only.
One of the best thing in Quora its content license allows you to reuse all the new articles/content by publishing anywhere on the web or social media by without any copyright issue as long as you also link back it to the original content on Quora.
It is not tough to find content on Quora you need to do some steps to do that well, Go to Quora website and in the search bar type your required topic. You will see multiple questions and answers as well, you will also find open questions which are not still answered. These questions are the great opportunity to make content on it. It is possible some of the other users also have the same questions, so it is better to provide the answer in the form of the blog post.

Audience on Social Networks

Social networks are the most trending platforms where users ask questions each other. This is also another good way to find the hottest topics for your blog post by getting an idea from the user’s questions. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram are hot networks where you try to find different answers by questioning in the Groups, pages or on the profile posts.
You can find the number of groups where the user asked general questions or relevant to your niche and some of them didn’t get the answers or proper answer way. This is also the opportunity by creating a blog post on that topic.

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Blog Skills

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Investment Apps




Pros and Cons of Using Investment Apps

In the age of internet and smart technology, there is a huge amount of applications accessible on your smartphones that can be used for the variety of purposes ranging from keeping track of daily tasks to making fertile investments to make more money.

Yes, plenty of investment apps is available that make investment easier not only for beginners but for professionals as well.

Some applications can be exceptionally useful, while different applications are not all that good.

Much the same as anything identified with your cash accounts or finance, you should be watchful on the off chance that you choose to attempt an investing application in order to make wise investment decisions.

Here are a few Pros and Cons to consider when you are about to get benefits from investment apps available in these days.

Pros of Using Investment Apps

  • Quick Information

Staying up to date with market and monetary news is extremely simple if you are using an investment app. You have instant access to the bunch of up-to-the-minute financial news and data that helps a lot in decision making.

  • You Can Start From Small

Use of investment apps is recommended by experts especially if you are a beginner because several investing apps require $5.00 to get started which is one of the best benefits of using an investment app.

With such a low limitation anyone can start investing in order to make more money.

  • Discover About Investing

Majority of investment applications are utilized by first-time investors to learn about investment basics.

Through this way, a user of the investment app can make clever investment decisions to prevent intolerably loses and pitfalls.

  • Easy to Invest

When you are using an investment application to invest your hard-earned cash, you won’t feel overpowered with decisions and choices before making the investment because the robot-advisors keep you informed about the latest market and financial news every minute.

In addition, investment applications are deliberated to very simple and easy to use.

  • These Apps are Inexpensive

There is very low commission percentage for investment application accounts that help an investor to reduce the overall cost of investment.

But, a user must keep an eye on the threshold in order to prevent increased expenses and commission amount for the app.

Cons of Using Investment Apps You Must Know

  • No Big Picture Perspective

Investment applications really don’t think (even they cannot) about your debts, tax information and investments made in other businesses and it can be the biggest drawback of using such apps.

They totally rely on data obtained from the market and cannot provide you long-term perspective when investing.

  • Faulty Risk Tolerance

Investment applications make an effort to decide a financial specialists’ peril resilience with automatic survey and a calculation. In such situation, the application may be inclined the investor to make bad and unfavorable investment decisions.

  • High Fees for Larger Accounts

If you start to invest more into investment apps, be ready to pay them more due to high fees for larger accounts.

As most of the investors know that the top investment apps Stash and Clink charge a user fee of 1 dollar per month for the sum of under $5,000 and it would be total $12 per year. On another hand, for a balance of $50,000 the user will need to pay the fee of 0.25% per year that adds up to $125 more in total fees.

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Blog Skills

How to Optimize Site for Voice Search



How to Optimize Site for Voice Search

You’ve heard many times the website should be mobile user-friendly, what does means? Because there is no doubt people don’t need PC suffering when they have mobile phones in their pockets. Now the general search traffic that comes from mobile platforms is rise now and in the coming year we can expect the same in the voice search is growing. it is much easier for the users to speak with an assistant than to type manually search on the web.

According to the search at the end of the year 2014, 41% of adults and 55% of US teens used mobile personal assistant more than twice a day. Apple’s great innovation that comes first in the market is Siri that brings touchless features into the iPhone after that now Google Voice Search, Alexa, and many other voice recognition technologies have come. We shouldn’t be a surprise at the beginning of 2020 the search queries almost be transfer to the voice recognition.

If you want to keep your blog up to date and optimize it for the voice search then here some useful things to make it easier for you.

mobile personal assistant

Optimize the Local-Friendly

People probably use voice search to get information about places where they want to visit. They often say like “find a gas station near me” or like “find pizza takeout in Austria” so it would be fine when you optimize your page for the keyword “pizza takeout Austria.”

Voice search can recognize easily “near me” and it will show the results in form of physical locations. So, it is important to list the local places according to the niche on where you are working. Google Business listing is one of the best places where you can sign up and add your business detail like location, nature, timing etc. which will directly show then results to the user using voice recognition and make sure yours is set up and accurate.


How People Speak

This is like a keyword search you are using for your business or blog, you should start thinking about what kind of questions can bring people on your site.

The best way to do this practice is by yourself voice search, better to ask the question you have in your mind and think what results come from your blog.

There is also best tool “Answer the Public” which can help you to find out the different kind of long-tail keywords you should use according to your site niche.

For me, if ask myself then I usually start with like how, why, where and who. I.e. I will say something like “Where is the nearest pizza place.”

Get Mobile-Friendly

Most of the voice searches are happens on mobile devices, and you have been working for the voice search to get your site in results then your site should be mobile user-friendly. Keep in mind Google is always a fan of responsive web design and they have preferred the mobiles first sites.

You are done with good mobile-friendly design and got suck on speed then there are less chances of sites to get in results. You need your site page to load as quick as possible. So the means if you want to participate in voice and mobile search, then your site needs to be fast and mobile friendly.

There are many tools available online where you can test your site about speed for web-based and mobile friendly in which one of the best is Google PageSpeed Insights.PageSpeed Insights

Test and Test Again

When you have done with optimizing your site for voice search, then better to test the keywords you are optimizing for on more than two voice search platforms. Like some of them are Siri and Cortana because they’re always worth it.

After having these platforms then start test your queries as just like you were a normal person and see what results shows up. In those results, you can see your website starts to rank in voice search.

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