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Blog commenting is an excellent way to make inbound links, which can bring traffic to your site, help build a site worth and much strong! When you read the blog for the comment is also one of the great ways to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest things and trends in the current market, you will also get inspired by great articles.

As of now blog commenting can be considered as an old school way of promoting a website/blog, in today’s current situation the most of the conversation has been shifted from regular blog onto the social media networks like – Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. But its effectiveness of the blog commenting is still considered as success of a blog as it was in the 2000s.

Here are some of the most effective blog commenting best practice tips the will help you to make the value of your blog comments.


1.   Read and Understand the Post

Yes, this is the great advice, for better understanding the topic and then comment on the right way. But you would be amazed most of the people don’t actually read the full post. They assume that they understand the whole post and their topics just by reading the post title and headline and then they write their response based on the assumption.

But this is not as this is the way you are doing you have to know the exact topic on which they are discussing because blog commenting is about to building your brand and authority, so leaving a comment which has no sense will not be able to get approved in most of the cases.


2.   Do not Comment for Links Only

I have seen most of the bloggers doing this way of thinking the commenting on a blog is all about building links for SEO purposes. No, that’s not the right way if you’re thinking this way.

First of all, take away such kind of mindset of what blog commenting is all about. This might be easy and simple to build hundreds of comments on daily bases but your effort might go wrong because you may fall into Google’s link building scheme penalty if you’re doing it for SEO purposes.

Do the blog commenting on the natural way and don’t make it as a mandatory task that you must have to perform daily to leave xxx amount of comment every single day.


3.   Be Earlier

Dropping comment being first or at least be the first five to drop the comment on post matters a lot. This also helps to the other bloggers to read your comment and they can be visited on your site by clicking on your profile. It is also best because the author feels that this guy is up to date with us, so there are more chances to approve your comment. Always do the positive comment not try to abuse in some cases.

Abusing or bad commenting on the blog could easily become annoying on the part of the author’s blog post and other blog readers, this also may result in a spam or irrelevant statement.  Don’t be in a rush to leave comments, take your time to read the article and understand what the post is all about.


4.   Don’t Drop Links

Yes, that is the most important thing to drop a comment on the blog. Don’t try to drop your link in the comment unless you are linking to an outside source to help the users with another way of possibility. Because this looks like a spam to the blog owner and there might be a more chance are they will blacklist you from the blog.

Dropping link on the comment is a full of strategy you have to discuss with the other blogger’s comment on the post and then provide then external help link if they need. Also, avoid to dropping links to your own site this might seem to be spam post for the other bloggers so they will not be worth to come on your blog.


5.   Use Real Identity

No matter how much worth your comment has on the post until you have some real identity. Most of the blogger doing this kind of mistake they used some American or other fake generated names for more attraction but they really don’t know that they are on the wrong site.

Because if you have been experienced with running your own blog then, you will understand how much frustrating this one could be when you see comments like, “David SEO Expert”, “Seven-star hotel In California”, etc. as the name of comment authors. In most of cases blog owner will not keep you in the comment with the company name as the comment author.

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