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We are living in 2018 where everyone now has their own blog, so in the marketing, it has become an integral part and a very infamous way of earning. Everyone wants to sit at home and working as doing work at the office. Well, as nice and cozy as it seems, your blog will help you with this. But if you just have a blog you don’t get paid for it. A reasonable amount of hard work and time taking is required in order to bring your blog to a paid machine. Let us share you how to make more money with your blog in 2018 which will help you to gain more benefit from your dead blog.

If you are working as a self-employed on your blog as a short time or full time so if you are looking for the more helpful tips then keep reading this.

Set up Your Blog

Your presentation always is the first part of an attraction, so make your blog be attractive which bring the users to your blog. You have to good in the development of blog so you can do it well, but the question is if you are not a web designer so how you can make the site good looking? You might fail to get a user on your blog!

No, you just have to be a little knowledge about CMS, there are many CMS platforms which will provide you ready themes for your blog. You just need to one click on installation and boom, you will see a great look site just far away one click. WordPress is one of the most famous CMS which gave the user many options to customize the look.

First Know What People Want

This is one of the most important to get into the marketplace when there are more competitors are sitting there. You must know what you have to write something on your blog which getting you good traffic. Creating a right niche is an important part to earn through your blog. You have to select the niche on which you have good grip and you think you can write well on those tops. 

Advertise Your Business/Blog

This is also one of the most important aspects of making money online is advertising. When you have more movement as much it attracts the crowd and you are probably getting traffic on your blog. There are money ways to them you can advertise your site. If your site is on selling products, then you must have to advertise on the market where people more do buy things online. 

 Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing module

Affiliate marketing is one of the most in-trend in online earning, if you are not agreeing to write articles on your blog you should switch to affiliate. Where you get a link and do affiliate marketing to sell that. Which gives you a good commission that can go up to 50% and very worthwhile.

Become a Freelancer

If you have a good skill with you then go for freelancing. Almost every business has a website/blog who are always on a lookout for writers, content developers, and advertisers. There are also many works on freelancing site according to your expertise you can find there. So just grab the job there and do it well by sitting at home.

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