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When it comes to acquire some knowledge about a particular thing or related to a particular issue, reading of the most relevant blog can aid you a lot in this matter and almost all of us read a variety of different blogs in a day to stay updated about latest news, gossips and happenings all around the world. Blogging is also known as a most famous way of online earning in these days but a blog must be user-friendly in order to get massive visitors as well as to improve the visitor experience. Whether you are a professional blogger or a beginner, you must know these simple yet most important ways to make your blog user-friendly that we are going to share with you in this piece of writing. ‘How to make a blog user friendly?’ is a hot topic over the web because everyone wants to know the secrets behind a user friendly blog so keep reading the post and find some brilliant ways to make a blog user-friendly.

Content is the King of Your Blog:

Content is very important for your blog you can use this as a weapon for your blog. if you write high-quality content then it is enough for you to gain the attention of the people. Many of the people in today’s blogging world mostly focus on SEO and neglect the importance of content which is totally wrong.  Be strict with your content quality, keep updating the content on regular basis. This will keep the people engage with your blog on a long term.

Research Things Before You Deliver:

Researching is very important in making a blog user-friendly. Because how will you write the content or update if you have not researched it properly before writing. So before writing any post do a proper primary and secondary research on the given topic. Also, keep one thing in mind use catchy headlines which is a skill to attract your customers and after this write relevant and informative content.

Sharing Makes the Blog Famous:

Sharing is caring. Sharing makes your blog famous if you share your blog link on regular basis it will allow the readers to decide whether you are really publishing high-quality content or not. For sharing purpose you can join some groups to build a community. Share 2-3 times your blog link daily in different groups this will surely help you a lot and will lift your blog up.


Try Effective Search Engine Optimization:

Now we come to SEO which is also a very important factor for making a blog user-friendly. Many people do SEO but it is a little different in doing SEO and effective SEO. You have to do effective SEO to make your blog look different from all other blogs.

As we all know that there are two basic types of SEO. One is On Page SEO, and it is the combination of techniques and tips that we use to optimize the website or blog for search engines by doing some work on the site. Use of the on-page SEO techniques helps you to get the blog or website indexed in search engines rapidly.

For this we also use focus keywords and hashtags like H1, H2 etc. you can also check the keywords competition which you are using for ranking your blog on the first page and you can also check whether you should use the long tail keyword or short.

The other one is OFF Page SEO and it usually includes the things we do on other blogs to rank in search engines. In this guest posting a blog commenting takes part you must find the relevant blogs which are related to your niche and then start guest posting and blog commenting right away with your links.

Be Specific in Choosing a Blog Theme and Website Template:

If you visit a blog which has no images In blog posts and it is boring will you like it? The answer is no you will visit any another blog which is more attractive than this .so your blog should look very interesting and attractive to the users. Because the first impression is the last impression.

So choose best and specific themes which will make your blog look better. Though there is always a room for improvement always try to improve your blog’s look, writing style, SEO etc.

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