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Building backlinks through guest blogging or guest posting is the most favorite and result oriented link building technique of almost all new and expert bloggers. Link building for your blog is definitely a hard job to do but when you find some high-quality blogs or websites to post your own articles, link building becomes simple and easier for you.

What is guest blogging?

When you write a unique, informative and relevant article for another website or blog to post, it’s called guest blogging because you post your writing on that blog as a guest and it is one of the best link building strategies that bloggers and website owners are using to build strong relevant links.

Most of the people are confused with the question that is guest blogging good for SEO and link building? And it is simple to answer that ‘yes, guest blogging helps a lot in link building’.

Now we will see how guest blogging will help you in SEO and how guest blogging and link building is important.

How to Find Sites Accepting Guest Posts?

Two ways to find the sites for guest posting are as follows:

1)    Search the web for Google social media resources lists etc.

2)    Use websites that connect publishers and bloggers.

There are some really cool ways to find blogs for guest blogging but these 2 methods are the best

1)    Search for Lists of Top Blogs:

First of all search for the list of top blogs in the Google type any phrase and see its results. Visit all the blogs listed one by one on every page in search results.

You will find really great blogs this way but only a few of them might accept guest articles or guest posts.

Many blogs charge high rates for guest posting. But through guest posting your content can become popular if you find the relevant blog for guest posting with good DA.

2)     Follow People or Companies who have Active Guest Blog:

Another way is to find the people who contribute to the quality guests posts. Most people share their posts via social media profiles.  You can connect with them through their social profiles as well. And ask them to have a guest post on their website. They will charge you for posting an article on their website but don’t worry about that if you want to earn handsome amount then don’t worry about spending some bucks. Although there are many ways to find the relevant blogs but these 2 are the best ways to find the blogs for guest posting and email building.

How Guest Blogging Improves SEO

1)    Backlinks:

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in search engine optimization. Because backlinks play an important role In having the primary impact on your site SEO through your site’s link profile. Creating backlinks are becoming very popular nowadays and it is very important in SEO and really improves the rankings of your website. Many people are creating even fake backlinks to improve their SEO but don’t ever try this way because Google will find you and will permanently block or close your website or blog.

2)     Link Placement:

Link placement is your ideal link which is placed within the body of your article which is relevant to the surrounding context of your article and supporting the is the extended form of the backlink.

Why is a link in the body important?

Because it will create more natural links for the readers to your website and should support your post as well. It’s not only better for SEO, but it’s more likely to actually be clicked by readers. So it is important to create links in the body to attract the customers as well and it also really helps to improve the SEO of your website

Hopefully, this writing will make lots of things clear about guest blogging and link building for you.

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