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Every blogger and business owner dream is to rank his website on the Google search engine the first page, which is not easier for a new blogger. If your business is RELY on your website to run that business, then it is better to avoid relying on the low-quality ways to promote it to the top of Google.

Meanwhile to rank the keyword in the organic search is a repeatable process. You may not expect the 100% result that you want, in case if you’re a new blogger and trying to rank for a popular keyword. But it will be better results if you do the SEO and content marketing seriously. This is because high ranking rarely happens even the more skilled and knowledgeable bloggers do struggle to rank higher on Google.

Here are some useful steps where are more possibilities to rank your website on the Google’s first page.

1.     Low Competition Keywords

To get success in SEO is to understand the competitive scenario. As a new blogger or a small business owner, you can’t compete with the large organization’s websites who vast marketing budgets. So, working with the high competition keyword is more likely you’ll just wasting your time and money. So, this is why it is important to go niche.

Try to provide material on the website which you have 100% self-written and sharing your own ideas and knowledge. If you writing on that topic which has millions of results before so there will be fewer chances to rank your keyword higher.

2.     Optimize Every Single Piece of Content

Once you’ve chosen some low competition keywords, now it’s a time to use these keywords on your page with a keen strategy. Your keyword must be realistic and used in a variety of ways within your content. Here are some useful examples how and where you have to set your keyword:

  • Use the keyword in the URL so it must be like, instead of
  • Use Title tag according to the topic
  • Your keyword should be in Headings: H1, H2
  • Image name and Alt

3.     Better Use Long Tail Keyword

Yes, there is some kind of keywords that have 10,000 searches a day, or even 1,000 searches a day, so it is really difficult to difficult to get the top in the search results. A long tail keyword contains hundreds of millions of unique searches that might be shown a few times in any given day.

There is an example if you are selling the shoes and you have used a single keyword like “Shoes” so the person you trying to buy a shoe is not searching for a single keyword, on the other hand, someone searching for “best price on service size 10” is practically ready for buying!

4.      Add More Content to Your Site

Having tons of content helps a lot to rank the site easily, according to the Content Marketing Strategy your site should have the different variety of content (blog posts), infographics, newsletters, etc. – which will attract more users on your site.

So, if you want to rank top of your website in Google then you must be adding new content according to the niche of your site regularly, and your content should be on the latest topics, high quality and useful techniques. When you do these things seriously then Google will return your site in the search results.

5.     Linking Domains – Backlinks

Every blogger knows that earning backlinks to content is important, backlinks is an old-school practice but it has still more value in the 20th century. Backlink increases the site worth and makes it strong in the Google eye. But creating a hundred of backlinks in a single day may spam your site quickly.

Not trying to achieve your daily goals by making more and more backlinks on a daily base, you have to make less but strong backlinks where the users are much active every time. As like creating backlinks from Wikipedia is better than creating on other hundreds of sites.

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