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A blog is just like a journal that you keep but instead of writing your common thoughts in the diary, you type it in your computer and let the entire world find it and read it. This can be very satisfying especially if you share something helpful and people appreciate your efforts in the comment section or it can be helpful for your personal development and social skills. With blog writing, you can overcome your personal fears i.e. public speech or communicate with a specific gender.

What’s good about starting a blog is that it’s completely free of cost. When you start writing a blog, your goal is not to get thousands of visitors on the first day so you don’t need to pay anything for the marketing and advertisement but you can start with WordPress that is a very common blog creating a platform. This is free of cost so you just need to select a template and design for your blog and start writing without any hustle or worries. Below is the list of some benefits that you can get from writing a blog.

Best Reasons to Start a Blog:

1.       It Will Benefit Your Writing Skills:

Writing a blog can be very helpful for your writing skills and no it’s not only book writing. It includes any kind of writing like thesis, lectures, resume or content for a website as a professional writer. Writing can also open up new thoughts in your mind and it can help you think in a better way for your professional writing career. The best thing is that you don’t need to have a specific topic in mind for the blog writing. Just open the computer and start typing whatever comes to your mind.

2.       It can be Good Source of Income:

There are hundreds of examples where people started writing blogs as a hobby and it turned out to be something much bigger than that. Many people have the stories where they sold their blogs for thousands of dollars and even some blogs are so valuable that the owners are earning good amount of money on monthly basis. As soon your blog starts getting frequent traffic, the repute level starts rising and it’s just a matter of time that Google and other search engines catch the drift and start showing your blog in search queries. That will soon help generate revenue from Google for your blog.

3.       You can help people with your blogs:

What’s amazing about blogs is that anyone can start writing a blog and it doesn’t need any special skills or techniques. If you know something that you think other people will find helpful, you can start sharing your thoughts and knowledge with the world in your blog. This can be as simple as growing plants inside to something complicated like detailing your automobile or repairing your own laptop at home. You can either share written content or add video tutorials for easy understanding.

4.       You Will have Platform to Share:

Sometimes people get depressed simply because they can’t or won’t share their thoughts and problems with others. This can lead to bigger and more serious problems. That being said, it’s really important that you have some people around you who can listen to you when you are upset and who can console you when you need a friendly face. A blog can easily fulfill this purpose. With blogging, you can share what’s going on in your life and how each event is turning out around every corner.

5.       You Can Make New Friends:

With blogging, it’s quite easy and convenient to inspire your readers and who knows how many people you can make friends with while just writing what goes through your mind. When people are comfortable with your writing techniques and content that you share, they will eventually feel comfortable with you and if you are not very social, this way you can make a lot of new friends and new connections for your business or professional career.

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