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Mobile phone cases are becoming one of the most important and must have mobile phone accessories. No matter what phone you decide to buy, its appearance hardly matters anymore because as soon as you buy it, you are immediately going to look for a case for that phone in order to save it from scratches and bumps.

Leather Cases are probably one of the most stylish and durable ones that you can buy. In this section, we are going to cover some of the most stylish looking Best Leather Cases for iPhone that can give an elegant look to your phone.

Alto Leather Wallet Case

Alto Leather Wallet case is available for iPhone 7, 8 and iPhone X. It has a graceful dual-color design and is available in multiple colors. It comes with a thin pocket which can be used to put your important cards. The case has been made from high-quality Italian leather and the design is quite mesmerizing. 

Kate Spade Folio Case

With its aesthetic design and fine texture, Kate Spade Folio case is specifically designed for Fashion conscious people. It is an elegant looking cover made for iPhone X. It is made from Saffiano Leather and comes with accessories like gold accents and slots for keeping cards. There is a variety of colors that you can choose from like Black, Rose, Mahogany, and gold.

Mujjo Slim Leather Case

Mujjo Slim leather is available for almost all iPhone models; from iPhone 7 to onwards. It is extremely thin and totally fits the phone. The exterior is made of soft leather and the interior is made of microfibers.

This dual protection protects your phone from both sides i.e. inside and out. It is available in multiple colors. You can select from Tan, Black, Olive, and Gray. Awesome looking design and apparent durability make it worth having.

Pad And Quill Leather Bumper Case

This leather case is specifically designed for the latest iPhone X. Made from the pure American leather and irresistible design; this is simply the best choice for your phone. There is no other case which comes with the same decency as Pad and Quill leather case.

 It is easy to place and remove. It fits extremely well around the phone and covers the volume and power buttons too. But don’t worry the functionality of the buttons remains unaffected. This is extensively designed for the maximum protection of your phone.

Elago Genuine Leather Case

Elago Genuine leather case is probably the cheapest one on our list but still, it stands out because of its distinguished design and two card slots.

There are many other two card slot cases available but they are way more expensive than Elago leather case. Designed for iPhone X, it comes in orange-ish brown color which looks quite attractive.

Twelve South Relaxed Leather Case

This cover comes with an extremely delicate brown finish which is darker on the edges. Designed primarily for iPhone X, it nicely covers the front and the back of the phone.

The leather is very soft and sleek but it makes the buttons kind of soft and the user may have some trouble pressing them. This is because there are no metal inserts for buttons. But the design is quite fascinating nonetheless.

Nomad Wallet Leather Case

This leather case ironically isn’t made entirely of leather. It has a rubber frame with a back made of leather. Nomad claims that this cover can save your phone from a 6-foot drop.

This makes it way more durable than its competition but this is what makes it heavier than other cases. The design is quite remarkable with the facility of two card slots. The leather used for making it comes directly from well known Chicago tannery Horween. 

Racer Leather Snap On Leather Case

This leather case is available for all the iPhone models from 7 to iPhone X. The racing stripe on the back is kind of raised up in order to provide easy and natural holding for the fingers.

It is specifically designed to fit in the palm of your hand for perfect one-handed texting experience. It comes with Crosshatched engraved metal buttons to replace the original ones for maximum protection. 

Ultra Thin Wallet Book Leather Case

Made for iPhone 7, 8, 7 plus and 8 plus, it is supposedly the thinnest wallet book cover on our list. The design is extremely delicate and is made from tumbled leather along with gunmetal trim. It provides a one card slot for keeping your credit card. The edges are precisely made to provide easy and strong grip. Keeps your phone screen saved from scratches.  

Magnet Flipper Leather Case

Magnet flipper comes with a magnet closure on the front. Have total control over your case with the flick of a finger. Its Book cover design protects your screen from scratches and you can even hold some stuff with the provided slots. Designed for iPhone 7, 8, and 7 plus, 8 plus, it comes with microfiber lining. It has a truly remarkable design with extremely delicate cutouts.

Vettra Leather Folio Leather Case

Vettra Leather Folio case is specifically designed for all iPhone 6 models. It is a unique case which allows 360 rotation of your phone.

The snap-in case enables you to quickly access the camera by sliding up and down. Comes with a sleek book-style design, Vettra Leather folio case is purely black in color. The outlook is quite alluring and makes you want to buy it at first look. 

Corsa II Racing stripe iPhone Leather Case

Corsa II is specially designed for fashion conscious people. With its sporty looking design and racing strip at the back, it is supposedly one of the best iPhone cases available out there.

It is water resistant and has DureFlex frame which can absorb massive shocks in case of drop. It is extremely thin and totally fits the phone. Wrapped with full-grain leather, Corsa II is probably the finest iPhone Case on our list.

These are some of the best iPhone cases that you can buy to give your iPhone an even better and elegant look. There are many other cases available out there and you can check them out but the ones being mentioned above are possibly the best ones that you can find.

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