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In the (WWDC) Worldwide Developers Conference happened in June 2017, Apple revealed its Siri-based HomePod speaker. Apple has working to designed it something that no other company has managed for years to enjoy the music at home.

The apple’s HomePod is the great answer to Google Home and Amazon Echo and it’s obviously better than all. If you are a huge audio nerd you may be want to get some louder to hear it. But if you are just a regular person you might get more from other speaks. HomePod is a voice assistant equipped speak that will help your multiple tasks and play music on your command.

Yes, Apple’s HomePod pre-orders have begun in the start of January 2018 and the device is out now.

As the users expected the performance of Siri’s will be the smart ever which may be disappointing them now.

Siri at the moment can’t beat Alexa and Google Assistant capabilities as they have a large amount of data stored on their servers as Research Principal Analyst Kevin Krewell told TechEFeed.

Apple has never considered seriously about Siri because they just making this like an extra feature but it may be given more response when they start treating it like another platform.

“Google Assistant, Alexa and Microsoft Cortana are getting more higher and higher in the market just because they taking it seriously and are putting million into their efforts” Apple’s Siri feature is starting behind and the level of importance in also falls farther back.

Apple’s HomePod Design

HomePod is coming with a size of 6.8 inches tall and 5.6 inches wide, there are two colors available Space Gray and White with a round of mesh covered fabric. The design of the speaker is so simple there is no other external markings on the HomePod that look so good with a range of interior decors.

HomePod looks like a small fully with the mesh-covered speaker. Its body is like tube-shaped body with a flat top and it has a display on the top with 272 x 340 size resolution that shows a Siri waveform when it is activated. The top screen allows controlling music play/pause and adjustment of volume.

Speaker Quality and Hardware

As Apple has focused on the sound quality of HomePod there are the six-microphone array that allows hearing spoken commands when even loud music is playing on. On the top, there’s an Apple-designed Woofer 4 inches upward.

Below the woofer there’s an Apple-designed A8 chip with the claim of 1GB Ram, this is the same chip that comes first in the iPhone 6.

HomePod providing 360-degree sound which is not common as there are the number of other speakers that not provide as good as 360-degree sound.

Pricing and Release

Apple has announced the price in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and Australia of $349 and it will be available there on January 26, 2018 but after that Apple confirmed it will be available in the stores from February 9, 2018.

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