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The smartphone is one of the common necessities that we all need to stay connected with each other and a phone with Android operating system is very simple and easy to operate as compare to IOS or Windows phone. Android phones provide a platform which is open nature means and a wide variety of manufacturers are offering Android Phone and those phones are full of great features that everyone needs in his or her smartphone. Every day new Android phones are being launched with a lot of amazing features to attract the customers. Many buyers have the thought to spend maximum amount on a phone which have maximum features and facilities. If you are about to purchase a new phone or simply want to upgrade an old one then you must read this writing to learn things to know before buying an android phone.

Key Tips to Purchase Best Android Phone:

1) Pay a Reasonable Amount for a Phone:

Pay a reasonable amount for a phone which you want to buy don’t waste your money on expensive phones. Android phones start at a price of 600$ and can go up to 900$ as well but there are also cheap phones available at a reasonable price like 400$ or below than 300$ which you can easily buy.

2) Get the Right Display Phone:

The size and resolution of a phone is a very important if you want to stream high-quality videos, view and download movies or want to edit photos then buy a smartphone whose display range varies from5.5 inch to 6 inches with full HD quality.

The phones whose screen size is larger than 6-inches are good for one handset and it is also difficult to carry them. if you are a regular user of android then use the phone with a display size

from 5-inch to 5.5-inch HD or full-HD display.

3) Consider Camera Megapixels:

Currently, In Android phones, camera megapixels are very important because all Android phones differ in sizes and in camera megapixels. Some Android offers 3-8 mega pixels depending upon the size and quality of the phone while some others offer 10-16 megapixels. Make sure you will choose the right android phone with appropriate camera size which you need.

4)  The Processor Matters a Lot for an Android Phone:

Every user wants a phone which provides good performance. Nowadays even mid-range Android phones also offer good and satisfactory performance for its users, but if you are a heavy user ad want to edit your images, videos, documents, want to play high quality and virtual reality games a user then user should buy Snapdragon 652 or 835 Snapdragon

5)  Pick the Android Phone Which Has Better Timing:

Timing is everything while buying and android phone. Before you buy an android phone check the battery of an Android phone. Don’t buy an Android phone which has a capacity of less than 3,000mAh.

The battery size also depends upon the use of the user like the way he/she users the smart phone. If you are a heavy user of android hone and work on apps play games watch high-quality videos then go for a smartphone which has at least 3500mAh battery or above then this. Don’t settle for an android phone which is below than 3000mAh.but if you are a light user than 3000mAh battery is good enough for you.

6)  Get a Phone of 32Gb Storage:

Buy Android phones which have 32 Gb storage because 16Gb storage phones are the rip-off nowadays. Mostly the Android phones today start with 32 GB storage. But if you want to download a lot of games and apps or want to shoot high quality and long lasting videos then buy a phone with 64Gb or more.

These are some of the Things which you should know before buying and android phone in 2017

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