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According to the rumors if it is true then it’s about to two months for releasing a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. As everyone knows the last entry of Samsung note was not a good impression. It’s a very tough time for the Samsung to make a good trust on Note series again, as the last Note 7 got the battery fired problem. Now it’s a time to reinvent a strong hardware that supports every OS update without any disturbance. According to the rumors, it may come with the most expensive phone that Samsung sells every year.


At this moment Galaxy 8 development is very much in full swing. Although many details are not yet finalized the developers are looking for the more notable ones. Like its features, specifications display release dates etc.

Pressure Sensitive (3D Touch):

Rumors expected that Note 8 display screen may have a pressure sensitive functionality like iPhone have 3D touch.  It has a screen ratio of 16:9 and have 16.3 inches in diagonal. The device surfaced in the database of an HTML5 test website, the display resolution does suggest a screen ratio of 18.5:9.

Biggest Significant Design:

The design of Galaxy Note 8 sporting a display much like that of the S8, no doubt that it will be water resistant and dust proof.

Internal ROM and RAM:

As we know that Galaxy S8 has 4GB RAM, but a Note is heavier on the software front, the Galaxy Note has 6GB ram in all versions and the rom will be expected minimum of 32GB as well as 64GB and 128GB expected.

Two Rear Cameras:

The Note 8 could bring a first for Samsung: a dual-lens setup.  Although the Galaxy S8 was expected to come with 2 rear cameras lens such a set setup never made to the final version, However, we have seen prototypes touting such a camera module, apparently having one twelve, and one thirteen-megapixel sensor.

Strong Removable Battery:

As we know that Galaxy S8+ has a 3500 mAh battery, but comparing with NOTE the Note 8 will have the battery slightly have less capacity than Galaxy S8+. According to some rumors, it will have a 3300 mAh capacity. According to the rumor, the battery can be removable so it can be changeable easily by the user itself.

Software and Other Features:

The Galaxy Note 8 will have the room space for an SD card and a fast charging USB Type-C port with the compatibility of 5.0 Bluetooth as it is Bixby. It may come with the latest version Android OS 8.0 Pancake. The most important scenario is that sensor is once again on the back but in a position which is easier to touch.

It’ll Arrive in August or September:

The Galaxy Note 8 release date is surprisingly tricky. Because already Samsung has released new Note devices in a steady yearly rhythm. It is scheduling to take place from 1 till 6 September. Although it looks logical new rumors also occur in which they said the event will launch soon. Now the expected event will launch in New York on August 26. But some says that it will occur in September so there are many rumors in this but also it seems logical as well.

Price – It’ll Cost a lot:

The most important question in everybody’s mind is that what will be the price of Galaxy Note 8?

If we pick Galaxy S8+ as an initial point and add more features to it then it is not hard to imagine the Galaxy Note 8 has a very premium price features. According to the rumors, the Galaxy Note 8 price m may fall $900 because of Note 7 price was $850. A 128 Gb version of Galaxy Note 8 will obviously be more expensive than this. Because it has more extra ordinary and some quite delighting features in it.


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