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If you are talking about the unlimited feature OS then it is not to need an introduction itself. Everyone knows about Android OS which is all the smartphones are running instead of iOS. Google released a first developer preview of Android O on dated 21st March 2017 after feedback to Google from developers Google released second developer preview on 17th May 2017 and now recently the third release held on 8th June 2017. Google still working to make more stable and less storage based OS that every supported device can run easily. Here I will share everything new about Android O: Features and Changes that I learned in an event regarding latest Android OS.


Always on Ambient Display

As a Current Android OS (Android Nougat) Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 already got always on ambient display. But Google Pixel and Pixel XL cannot take an advantage of having AMOLED panels. According to rumors, all the supported devices may get an Always on Ambient Display on Android O.


Picture-in-picture is one of the highlighted features that Android 8.0 users will get. As a Samsung user already got this option on a video player they just simply play a video and tap the popup button and that’s it, now video can be watched on any app. But on Android 8.0 user can watch a YouTube or any other video in any app. Simply play a YouTube video and press home button, the video will pop up into a small window that can remain on the screen while you can navigate to any app.

Notification Center

In the latest Android O notification can be snoozed by long pressing the notification on the lock screen or from notification center and a snoozed screen will be popup, you can be customized the ringtone, alarm tone or notification bell on snoozed bell.

Notification Dot is also a new feature in the history of Android OS. Android O user will see a small dot icon on that app who have an active notification. This is the new feature by simply long-press the app icon with Notification Dot will show a small notification preview immediately same on the app.

Auto-Fill with Google

Are you tired of putting information every time? Android O user will also get the Auto-Fill option which will help to quickly log onto services. To enable this feature on the App the developer must have to add the code in while creating it, once code added in the application Android O will remember your usernames and passwords.

Smart Text Selection

As Android users already have a text selection option on their old Android OS. But now Android O users will get some more feature while the selection of text. When you will select a text and in the selection if there is a number it will pop up the call option to that number and if you highlight and address then a single tap will give you a navigation option to the address.

Other New Features

Every latest version of OS got many new features that we can’t even see in effects.

          Android Users will get an advantage of communication with other devices (Neighbor Devices) without having the same Wi-Fi connection.

          Android O will have a number of fonts in their built-in.

          Battery life option got a new animation and a stable life on Android O

          Google added new security tools, OS Optimization tools and tools for the developers.

          Android O will offer for low-end devices known as Android Go, It will use 1 Gigabyte of ram which is very helpful in the speed of OS.

          Android O users now create a website shortcut on Google Chrome to their home screen.

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