Essential Organic SEO Steps for the Newly Registered Domain

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something that websites and blogs use on regular basis. Just like a business or a corporation, SEO is the marketing and advertisement technique for your online business. Actually, SEO is a set of marketing techniques that website owners use to increase their ratings on search engine listing, getting more visitors and getting the overall reputation of the website better. The process of SEO is very simple and usually, it only includes some common techniques i.e. blog posting, keyword addition but only a few know that this process is different for new and old websites. When you have a new website, you should use SEO tools and techniques that are particularly designed for new websites. Using irrelevant and wrong tools will not only result in the waste of time but it can also affect your website’s rating in the search engine.

Organic SEO Steps for New Website:

1.       Selecting the Suitable Keywords:

Keywords are the words that are entered by the user in the search engine to search for relevant websites. For instance, you want to find new movies on the internet and you know which website will have them so you directly go to that website but if you don’t know, then you will search for these websites by putting “new movies” in the search engine. The search engine then evaluates the keywords and shows top ranking websites. With this, you can understand how important it is to choose the right keywords for your website. You can either choose unique keywords or competitive keywords. Unique keywords will draw all the traffic to your website but visitors will be few where on the other hand, competitive keywords will have more traffic but it will be divided among other websites using same keywords.

2.       Choosing Only High-quality Content:

If you think about it, a website is only as good as the content added to it. For instance, you have a blog where you post video tutorials or you have a website where you write technical articles so the better your content is, the more people will find it interesting and worth reading. Some people think that the more content you have the better but it’s not true always. When we talk in terms of SEO, the quality is everything. Search engines consider the quality of the content on websites as the criteria to show them in the search results. If you add something that is not unique or copied from somewhere else, it’s going to have bad effects on your website.

3.       Building Back Links:

Back links are actually the backbone of a website or blog and it’s the life blood of SEO. Most of the part of Search Engine Optimization is based on building back links with other similar websites. If you have a blog where you write about culinary ideas, you should get help from SEO to create and build back links with the similar blogs and websites on the internet. Keep in mind that you should only create the back links with the similar and relevant websites because if the link is not relevant, it will backfire in search engine’s evaluation process.

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