Instagram Will Now Organize Comments into Threads

Instagram is yet another social media platform where users can interact with each other. Unlike most of the other applications and websites on the internet, Instagram is specifically made to share pictures and videos. The key role of this application is to use the camera on your smart phone, take pictures and videos and directly upload them to your Instagram account. Just like any other application, you will need to have an account before you can start using Instagram. Once you have created the account, you will be able to share pictures and videos and the shared content will show in your news feed. It depends on your preferences and choices about who will be able to see your posts and who won’t.

Initially, when Instagram was introduced, it was a very simple platform where users used to share pictures and videos and commenting on the shared content was not very popular in the start. People just used to look at the news feed and see if they find anything interesting. But, with time as we saw that comments are a big part of any social media platform, it also affected Instagram. Comparing the top social media websites i.e. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it’s easy to understand that only Facebook has the best options and convenience for showing comments and threads underneath each post. Initially, Instagram has the manner that when someone comments on the post i.e. video or photo, it creates a separate page for the comments. This was very difficult for the users to follow because you needed to go to a separate page to check what you commented earlier. As the owner of the page, it was also complicated because that person wouldn’t be able to see all the comments under the post in one place. One of the reasons that Facebook became more popular is that people can see all the comments in one place under the picture or video.

Instagram should have thought to solve this issue a lot of time ago but somehow it took them several months to update the application and finally the update is here. Now people will be able to comment on the post and those comments and replies will be shown right underneath the video or picture. This is going to be very easy and convenient for the users especially the ones who use the parent company of Instagram i.e. Facebook more option and are used to seeing comments and replies in one thread.

When Instagram announced that soon they are going to add this feature into the application, most of the users commented that it should have done a long time ago. Some of these users also commented that they saw this update for a short period of time back in June but that might be something like a beta test to check the response of the update. It’s not confirmed when Instagram will finally release this update for the users worldwide but it’s going to happen very soon maybe within 2-3 weeks. Initially, it was decided to only release the android version but now it’s confirmed by Instagram that they will release updated versions both for android and IOS.

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    Nice and very informative article. Explained very well. Thank you so much to share. Keep it up.


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