Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Society

We use technology when we type, communicate, move, even while doing business so how to imagine that technology also has negative impacts on our daily lives? Technology is useful for us so how it can harm the society? Yes, it is true that technology can have positive and negative impacts on society due to some side effects that a user may face when using a tech gadget, technical tool or device etc. Let we help you to understand some positive and negative impacts of technology on society to make things clear regarding how technological advancements are valuable for us and how can impairment the living style of a normal person.

Positive impacts of technology on society

Nowadays, technology has great significance in our day to day lives. From start of the day to go for the snooze, we use a variety of tech gadgets and devices whole day to do things simply in the right way. The fridge is the invention of technology where we place food stuff and sandwich maker is also the device that shows us the benefits of technology in day to day life. Motor vehicles like a motor bike, the car and van all are technological inventions that allow us to move from home to office or school. Our surroundings are all full of the technology even when we call someone for help by making a phone call, it is only possible with the aid of technological advancement. It is making our relationship stronger and long lasting by providing us latest, easy to access and rapid ways of communication like telephone, social media, email and so on. In these days, giant digital screens are available in class rooms instead of white or black board and it shows that technology is playing a vital role to make the learning easier and proficient for students. Now students can carry their all course books and notebooks in a tablet or laptop. It is only possible due to the advancement in technology and there are immeasurable positive impacts of technology that cannot be covered in a single article even in a book with more than hundred pages.

Negative impacts of technology on society

In this advanced phase of life where technology is taking control over everything, there is nothing wrong to say that it is harming the society as well. Idleness is one of the common negative impacts of technology on society because everything is digital and technical in the environment and making us less likely to do things ourselves. We all use different tech gadgets and devices to do things instead of doing by hands and it is making us inactive that can arise many health related issues. “Don’t text while driving”, is a common public message placed on highways that we all read daily while traveling and it shows that how technology can have a negative impact on a valuable life if an accident happens only due to texting while driving. Technology changes the way children think. They believe that computer, mobile phone, tablet and other commonly used gadgets can do all things on behalf of them and they don’t need to move even a single step to open the door when the bell rings because of an auto door lock.

Countless are the negative impacts of the technology that we all are facing in our daily lives. We must set limits for use of technology in day to day lives in order to get rid of abnormal negative impacts of technology that are making us inactive.

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