Women In The IT Industry

It’s been so long that we have seen someone else’s face on the world’s top women in the IT industry other than Sheryl Sandberg. She is not only at 7th position in 100 most powerful women in the world but she also has a net worth of $1.4 billion and at the top of all, she is the COO at Facebook. Working for one of the most valuable brands in this world but she is also working for the welfare of women in the work place by securing their work environment and appreciating their efforts so more and more females will follow the top leading women in the world. But the situation was not the same a few years back when IT industry potentially blocked the way of females as developers, coders and IT engineers. It took a lot of time for the IT industry to see the potential in women and realize that by stopping half the population in this world, they are not going to be the same and that’s when it all changed for women.

Today we can see thousands of girls going into IT industry and getting their degrees and diplomas in IT engineering, software engineering, and software development. Initially, it was thought that developers are always geek looking men who wear big glasses and sit on their couches all day long developing software and websites but this perception has changed now. The women we are seeing in IT industry these days are not only smart, intelligent but they are also professional looking and sophisticated. This is what helped to change the whole face of the IT industry and making it one of the biggest attractions for females.

Top Women in IT industry:

1.       Carolyn Duran (Intel):

What’s amazing about Duran is that even if she is working in Intel as Supply Chain Director but she is most famous for being responsible for ending slavery in many areas in third world countries. At Intel, she is the head of the supply chain management and what she does the best is to end the use of conflict materials in IT. Not everyone knows it but just like Blood Diamond, there is also a concept of getting raw material for information technology in the same manner and as the head of supply chain management, she is the one who refused to accept and use any of such material from underdeveloped countries. Inside the company, she also has her own team that is responsible for making sure that all the raw materials being used in the technology fulfill chemical laws and regulations around the world.

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2.       Tal Rabin (IBM):

Starting with her educational career, Rabin was one of those students who solved a math problem just like we see in the movies. She doesn’t explain it to everyone about what kind of problem it was but it was something that others couldn’t solve. At IBM, she leads a team who are responsible for creating a completely new way to secure data on computers. This will not only revolutionize the way computers are made but it will also allow the users to feel more secure and spend less money on the data safety process. She is one of those who has a doctorate degree in computer sciences and she tries to use it as much as she can in innovation and invention.

3.       Merline Saintil (Yahoo):

Not most people know it but Yahoo is going to be one of the top leading mobile phone manufacturers very soon and it’s already on its way to top by developing new and innovative mobile phone models. These new models are not revealed to general consumers yet but it’s going to happen very soon. Saintil is one of the key members at Yahoo who is taking the key role in developing these technologies at Yahoo. Previously she has worked in top organizations including PayPal, Adobe and Sun Microsystems.

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