Difference Between a Trend and a Fad

Trends and fads are some things that play a very important role in the success and progress of any organization and industry. This is something very common that most people make the mistake of considering trends and fads as the same thing where in reality, they are completely different. In the beginning, it might seem that fad is just another form of a trend but in reality, a trend is much more sustainable and long-lasting than a fad. Someone might think that whether these are different or the same, why it matters? But the important thing to understand for business owners and organizations is that if you adapt to a wrong approach in order to market or advertise your business, it can put your organization at risk or it can also result into a big disaster. In order to understand the difference between fad and trend and to evaluate their features, it’s better to review them side by side.

A fad is something that is started so quickly that before you know it, the entire population is following that behavior. This can be anything from wearing a particular piece of garment to saying something to behaving in a specific way. This behavior catches on very quickly and people start following it without over thinking about it. If a business wants to use a fad for their marketing or introducing something new in the market, it can bring lots of changes to the overall progress but the important thing to keep in mind is that this is not going to last forever. A very common saying about the fad is that it is something that comes quickly and fades very even faster. You can bring a little change to your business with a fad but keep in mind that this will fade away very soon so you need to prepare your business for that time when it actually happens. For instance, the wholesale dealers who thought that waterbeds are in trend and people will keep using them for decades were wrong. That was a fad and because of that, it didn’t stick for long. The businesses that focused on this fad as a trend went bankrupt very soon.

Now when we talk about a trend, it’s a completely different story. The most important thing about a trend is that it doesn’t just come quickly but it takes more time to influence people and because the effect is slow, it stays longer even after decades. Trends are something that doesn’t only change the behavior but it actually solves a problem as well. The best part of a trend is that with time, it gets stronger and as more and more people start adopting it, it becomes more useful for them. A trend not only helps solve the problems but it also broads the vision and thinking powers of people to realize what problems they have and how they can solve them with something new i.e. a trend. If you want to look at some common trends, it includes the use of mobile phones, smoking e-cigarettes and connecting with people over social media platforms. Mobile phones are in trend for years and by the technology development, it seems that it will stick for decades before something so advanced and innovative comes along that actually replaces a mobile phone.

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