Role of Technology in Business Communication

If we say that in the 21st century, modern technologies and advanced gadgets have surrounded our lives completely, it won’t be wrong. Not only that our homes are crowded with this modern equipment and technologies but it has also drastically changed the way companies and corporations used to work. Before the internet was invented or even before the computer was an actual essential item for a workplace, companies still managed their works somehow but the growth, efficiency and communication were not as developed and easy as it can be seen today. Because of the technologies being used in the companies and manufacturing plants so commonly, most of us not even notice how these technologies have impacted our work routines and how easier everything now is.

Not only that these technologies have made our lives easier and convenient but there are many other advantages and benefits both for small and big corporations. For instance, if you need to send a quick message to someone in the office or even outside the office, there is no need to call anyone but you can just send them an email. It will literally take few seconds to write and send the email and the other person will receive it without any delay. Another important technology being used in businesses is teleconferencing. This is something that has changed the way companies work and hold meetings and conferences. If you want to have a meeting with managers or directors, there is no need to ask them to gather in the same place but you can just call them on your computer or video conference equipment and you can talk to them without any problem.

Business Communication Technologies:

1. Email and Teleconference:

There was a time when the only way to send something to another business or company was by post or mail. Then it was replaced by fax but still, it wasn’t fast and efficient enough. Then with the introduction of the internet, email was invented and our lives were never the same again. Now with the internet being used in all companies and businesses, you can send hundreds of emails on the average basis and if you need to talk to someone or a group of people at different places, just ask them to join you in a video conference.

2. Computer:

It’s safe to say that now your business can’t survive without using computers. No matter what kind of business you have or how big or small it is, it’s really important for you to use computers in your workplace. Not only that this piece of technology will make your work life easier and efficient but it can also make the work mistake proof with 100% accurate calculations. Another big advantage is that on a small computer or laptop, you can literally save millions of documents without the need to prepare a file for your desk.

3. Mobile Phone:

Just imagine how the life was 10 years ago when mobile phones were first introduced in the market. This was a device specifically designed to just call the other person and have a quick conversation. Sending emails, voicemails and text messages were not even imagined at that time. Now you can’t live without voicemails and send text messages. You can use the phone not only for calling someone but it can be used as a mini computer on the go where you can check emails, reply to the urgent matters, scan documents to send as pictures and even keep eye on your workplace with remote access to cameras via your personal mobile phone.

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