Tech Writing Tools for Writers 2017

Technical writing is such a broad term that almost any kind of written content can be specified as technical but mainly it includes content for information technology, engineering, accounts and banking and financial trading. Most technical writers just use simple programs i.e. Microsoft office to write content but professional writers understand that it’s important to use appropriate tools for getting the most out the writing skills. These tools not only help writers evaluate and analyze the content but the tools also help give suitable and helpful suggestions to the users. On one hand, with these evaluation tools the writers can check mistakes, errors and any repetitive patterns where on the other hand, it can also allow the user to outline something complex i.e. a novel or book.

Top Tech Writing Tools 2017:

1.       Manuskript:

Manuskript is one of the top tech writing tools on the internet and the good thing about this particular software program is that it open source tech writing tool for writers and it uses Snowflake method to allow the users to write and create novels and books. The key focus of this tool is on the outlining of the book or novel and at any stage of writing, you can easily check and verify a chapter and see how many characters are involved. But, by far the most amazing feature of Manuskript is that it allows the users to check how often they use a specific word or phrase throughout the content. This means if you have a tendency to explain something in a particular manner again and again, you can search for it and even get some choices to change it.

2.       Gitbook:

Unlike most of the other tech tools on the internet, Gitbook has the ability to allow more than one person to write and change a book. This is something that most writers want because if they want to ask for opinions from their friends or co-worker on something they are writing, they can just simply give them the address where to find the book or content and the users not only can see the content but they can also change it. Keep in mind that you can get a free account at Gitbook but your content will be public and anyone could see it and change it. If you want to create something private that no one can access without your permission, you will need to have a paid account.

3.       Bibisco:

Bibisco is one of the most common and famous writing tools that are available on the internet. The good thing about this tool is that the manufacturer introduced compatible versions for all types of operating systems so whether you use windows or IOS, you can still use this software easily. Although you can use this tool to write about anything i.e. technical or engineering related because of the features it has, writers use it to create novels and plays. What’s amazing about Bibisco is that before starting the novel, it will ask you to answer lots of questions about all the characters in the novel and this way you can conveniently describe each of your characters. Later during writing, with the search tool, you can search where and how many times you wrote about a character or a place.

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