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In this era of life, we all are surrounded by the technology and its fruitful inventions. No matter you are studying in the class, doing work in an office or even doing workout to get the body in shape, we are using a variety of different tech gadgets and devices to get things done properly. Similarly, there is a plenty of mobile apps that are ideal assistants for health and fitness because we can carry them in our Smartphone, tablets, and laptops as well when it comes to do some workout or to get fit after doing a ton of work in a day.
As we know that over the years technology has occupied in all the things and it is also playing very important role in the healthcare industry.
Over the past few years, the apps and gadgets covered all aspects of human lives. In the same way over the past years, the innovation around health and fitness gadgets has exploded.

Here we are going to tell you about best health and fitness apps so you will be able to stay fit and healthy in every momment of the life.

FOOD Sniffer:

This is a device which is made specifically for food conscious peoples. This device tells you what to eat like if you are afraid of something it will tell you whether to eat it or not is it safe for your or not.

This is the best app for technology health care


Trace is an app which is specifically built for sportsmen. It tracks the speed maximum height and the tricks which you have landed and all of your data is synced with a smartphone app. Many joggers use this app to keep the track of their running their breathing level and the place from where they start and where they end. This is one of the most proficient app for technology health care


It is the app which is made for tracking heart rate, sleep patterns, tracks snoring movement and environment. The beauty of this product is that it isn’t wearable like most similar devices because the tracker is placed under your bed sheets which are synced with the Beddit mobile app, allowing you to see your overall quality of sleep.

This is available for Android.

Sound Hawk Listening System:

It is tech device which can improve your standard of life. It’s called a Smart Listening System as well. It is developed for the people who have the difficulty of understanding speech in the noisy environment, people having difficulty in conversation over distances. Anyone who is suffering from hearing something can take benefit from this app.

This is a little expensive gadget as compare to other but because of its facilities, it is very popular among people. This is available for both Android and for iPhone as well.

The Skulpt Aim:

It is a great fitness app and an alternative to using mirrors, tape measures, and weighing scales to measure fitness.

Sensoria Smart Sock:

This app is designed for the runner. The Sensoria Smart Sock tells you how well you’ve been running and how to improve your performance over time. All of your data is synced with your smartphone.

It is available for both Android and iPhone as well.

The Koto Air:

It is a small device which measures the air quality in your home and office. This is particularly for those who suffer from allergies. It alerts you when there is dust moisture or pollutions exists

iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter:

It is blood glucose app which directly connects with your phone. It allows you track glucose level over longer periods.

Then results are displayed in log book tables, graphs allowing you to see that what food items are affecting your blood sugar. You can take precautions as well by seeing the result that which food you should take and which not.

one of the flaws for this device that it is only available for IOS, it is not available for Android


Although there are many tech gadgets for fitness and health I have gathered some useful apps which covering everything and mostly common nowadays and also they have good reviews as compared to other apps

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  • January 10, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    Awesome list. Will really try some of these apps, I’ve been looking one that I can use for this year. Been doing some jogging since the last week and hoping I can still continue all of these physical activities. Hoping I can be more motivated. Great post!


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